View at exhibition at Kunstwerke, Berlin, 1995
Foreground:         Grease Flag 2

Designed 1991, realized at Kunstwerke
exhibition, Berlin, 1995

Grease in wooden troughs 915 (longest
trough) x 25 x 25 cms

Background:         Work by a Split-Brain Artist

Styrofoam tableau    488 x 222 cms, acrylic
and pencil, 3 synchronised slide projectors,
Irish Works
Big wheel balanced in a bunker-slit in Armagh, connected inside to some unidentified blocks, 1985

Pencil on white card 59.3 x 81 cms, mounted on white card 81.5 x 112 cms    
Monument to Camp David in Sinai, 1982

Pencil on paper    40 x 75 cms