The work of Philip Hausmeier explores in a range of media including installation, video
and collage bodily perception and its environmental correlations, and particularly
concentrates on physical and psychological conditions that define the self as an
impermanent and fragmented entity. The body is seen as a base material from which to
examine potential meanings of subjective feeling.

‘To the other shore’ (2007) shows a projected loop of struggling birds endlessly falling
down the skies. Immersed in this almost hypnotic sequence the viewer begins to falls
with them, and finding nowhere to rest, fluctuates between the filmed image and an
internal change of state becoming conscious.

This ambiguity between image and subjective feeling is further investigated in Hausmeier’
s new series of collages called ‘Uncertain Stages’. Magazine images of musicians and
singers caught in their emotional exaggeration on stage are cut and arranged to reform
the image to the edge of hovering between abstract formalism and the remains of
selfexpression. The body as a means for externalizing emotion appears to be in conflict
with its surroundings and other bodies, broken and fragmented. Yet at the same time
the works seem to present themselves as poetic plays of light and darkness, functioning
as extensions of a torn and unstable subjectivity.

Lives and works in Berlin.

 2003–2005      Slade School of Fine Art, London, MFA
 1999–2003      University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany


2006        Boise Travel Scholarship, Spain and Japan

2009      Art Prize - Light, Kunstkreis Gräfelfing, Munich


2011    For a blue cliff record, Volker Bradtke, Düsseldorf
2010    The Deal, Maribel Lopez Gallery, Berlin
      Conditional States, with Anton Burdakov, secondhome, Berlin
       Art Forum, with Mariah Robertson, Museum 52, Berlin
2008     When leaves fall they return to the root
      When I come I'll have no mouth, Museum 52, London

                  Physical Center: London, Yinka Shonibare Guest Projects, London
                  From Slapstick to Horror, Latitude, Suffolk
                  From Slapstick to Horror, Nunhead Open 8, London
                  Complex systems and the other side, Alte Giesserei, Berlin
                  Personal Freedom, Portugal Arte 10, Lisbon
                  Physical Center: Brooklyn, Convent of Saint Cecilia, New York
                  Droppolis 2010, Am Gereonswall 32, Cologne
                  Schnell & Schmutzig, Markthalle Eisenstrasse, labmontage, Berlin
                  Black No.5, Grau 6, SRR 10, Düsseldorf
                  Art Prize - Light, Kunstkreis Gräfelfing, Munich
                  It's Only A Paper Moon, Galleria Galica, Milan
                  Works on Paper, Museum 52, London
                  2, Ringel/Garage, Düsseldorf
                  Parallax, Fieldgate Gallery, London
                  Riflessioni Geometriche, Galeria Galica, Milan
                  Display, Museum 52, New York
                  Walking Through Walls, Artists Studios, Tel Aviv
                  Don't Leave, St. Ethelburgas, London
                  Consequence, Museum 52, London
                  Assemblage III, Museum 52, London
                  Concrete Allotment, temporarycontemporary, London
                  Twenty to One, Canary Wharf, London
                  Red Line, Whitfield Space, London
      MONA Tasmania, Australia
      UCL Art Collection, London
      David Roberts Collection, London
      Burt Aaron Collection, Michigan
      Stefan Simchowitz Collection, Los Angeles