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Alasdair Duncan makes Signs for the Future (and designs for such). His signs are stand-ins, signifying things
that do not yet exist: not futurological predictions, rather they are emblems of the not yet imagined. Duncan
produces colour-saturated graphics applied across a variety of media. Duncan is broadly interested in
making art that addresses the unknown and unknowable not without ambivalence, but as presenting positive,
progressive opportunity.  

Duncan’s pieces are titled in the language of Je Zaum. Zaum (pronounced Za-oom) was a language coined
by the Russian Futurist poets Velimir Khlebnikov and Alexei Krucheykh,  combining the Russian prefix за
“beyond, behind” and the noun ум “the mind, nous”. Zaum is described as a universal language, a language of
indeterminate meaning that stands in for thoughts yet to be conceived.