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Ben Woodeson’s works are deliberately confrontational; the pieces confront both the viewer and the exhibiting
institution with their real or implied activity and consequences. The works are performative; they inhabit a
particular moment of possible action and subsequent reaction. Their physicality aims to instigate an intense
and visceral relationship with the viewer and the gallery architecture. Threatened ripples of consequence are
sent throughout the sculptures and audience alike. Manipulating everyday materials within a space, the works
keep the viewer poised in a state of slight suspense, challenging them to respond to a unique and evolving
environment of cause and effect. The works spin, roll, wobble, fall, flick, collapse, shatter and even ignite… but
when? The control systems are automatic and random, the works are not equipped with the ability to react to
each other or to the presence of viewers.

Since 2009 Woodeson has been making the overtly confrontational Health and Safety Violation series; some
works are deliberately dangerous, others only sound it…

Solo Exhibitions:

2011.                Causality, Elevator Gallery, London, England.
2010.                Violations #10 and #15, Trade Gallery, Nottingham, England.
2010.                Scary stupid spinning thing, The Tank Room, London, England.
2010.                Chemical Spill, Space (Foyer), London, England.
2009.                Me love you long time (AKA Five in Five), Basement 43, London, England.
2009.                Twisted (Selected Works), Electrohype, Skånes Konstförenings, Malmo, Sweden.
2009.                Evacuation, Borstal Space, Hackney, London, England.
2005.                Infobabilise, Jerwood Space, London, England.
2004.                0.001 Percent Volume, Mercer Union, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Toronto, Ca.
2002.                Piccadilly Radio, Bowie Art Window Pain Project, London, England.
2001.                In too deep, The Red Gallery, Hull, England.
2001.                Everyday Value, The BBQ Project, Berlin, Germany.
1999.                Wendy House, SwitchSpace, Glasgow, Scotland.
1999.                Unscripted, Intermedia gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2012.                Florence Trust Residency Annual Exhibition, Florence Trust, London, England.
2012.                in/compatible, Transmediale, HKW, Berlin, Germany.
2012.                Form & Mal-Function, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, England.
2011.                Experimental Station, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijón, Spain.
2011.                Experimental Station, CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid, Spain.
2011.                 Textures of Time, Frederic Parker Gallery, London, England.
2011.                 How to carve totem poles, Acadia Missa, London, England.
2010.                NierghtravAOnWint’sIfATeller, Gooden Gallery ‘24/7’, London, England.
2010.                Push and Shove collaboration with Ben Dembroski, Piksel 10 Festival, Bergen, Norway.
2010.                Rhizome, Departure Gallery, London, England.
2010.                The Tomorrow People, Elevator Gallery, London, England.
2010.                Die Panke, Berlin, Germany.
2010.                Chutney 4 – Animal, Camberwell Green, London, England.
2010.                The Electric Return of Revenge, Two-person show with Antonia Low, LoBe, Berlin, Germany.
2009.                Piksel 09, Gallerie 3,14, Bergen, Norway.
2009.                Levels of Undo, Location One, NYC, USA.
2009.                Chutney 3 – The Voice of Chutney, Camberwell Green, London, England.
2009.                Creekside Open 2009, APT Gallery, London, England.
2009.                Forårsudstillingen/The Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2009.                Watching TV by Candlelight, Heron Corn Mill, Beetham, Cumbria.
2008.                Chutney Preserves ll, The Rot Has Set In, Camberwell Green, Camberwell Arts Week, London.
2007.                Driven, Fieldgate Gallery, London, England.
2006.                Perimeters, Boundaries & Borders, City Lab – Fast-UK & Folly, Lancaster, England.
2006.                PRIVATE: Staff Only, ICA, London, England.
2005.                OK/OKAY, Swiss Institute, NYC & Grey Art Gallery, NYC, USA (Simultaneous shows).
2005.                Sub Rosa, Tredegar Square, Bow, London, England.
2004.                The Science of Superheroes, Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Dk.
2003.                New Contemporaries, Victoria Miro Warehouse, London & Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, England.
2003.                Free Fall, Peterborough Digital Arts, England.


2009.                Prize winner (selected by Mark Wallinger) for Randomly Activated Tripwires, Creekside Open 2009.
2005.                Scottish Arts Council, Creative Development Grant.
2004.                British Council, Exhibition Grant.
2004.                Glasgow City Council, Visual Arts Grant.
2003.                Scottish Arts Council, Professional Development Grant.
2000.                Glasgow City Council, Visual Arts Grant.

Education & Residencies:                

2011.                Florence Trust residency, London, England.
2010.                Gallery Residency, LoBe, Berlin, Germany.
2009.                 Collaborative virtual residency with Ursula Endlicher, Location One, New York.
2004.                Sculpture Space Inc. Residency, Utica, USA.
2003.                Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, Maine, USA.
2000-02.           Glasgow School of Art, MFA.