The purposely-skewed logic of Clare Goodwin’s formal compositions describes the rub between the design impact and
social significance of motifs as markers of a particular period, specifically the 1970s and 1980's.  Through theses careful
composition of colour and line, many of her works convey a feeling of limitation and movement, conformity and dissent that
cleverly conjures that period’s conjunction of tight social codes with immense societal upheaval. Painted thinly and with
extreme precision, often leaving large sections of the canvas blank, what comes to the fore is the delicate relationships
between forms, the (mis)alignments and chance encounters between angles, straight edges and curves. Old style first names
as titles such as Andrew, Garath, Helen, conveys the notion that her paintings are also a form of abstracted portraiture and
sets spinning narrative fictions featuring the eponymous characters and their daily lives.  There is a gap between the mute
abstraction of some of Goodwin’s work and the stories she ignites by way of the works’ titles. These don’t explain the work,
but open it out to imaginary scenes like a book opening out its pages.

Lives in Zürich since 2003

1996 – 98 Royal College of Art London – MA Painting
1993 – 96 Winchester School of Art – BA Painting

Solo Exhibitions (since 2005)
2012 Clare Goodwin feat. WATA, Kunsthalle Winterhtur
2011 ZKB Art Prize, Rotwand Gallery, Kunst Zürich
2011 Kiss on the Blue, Rotwand Gallery, Zürich
2009 Still Lived, Rotwand Gallery, Zürich
2009 Clare Goodwin, UBR Galerie Ulrike Reinert, Salzburg
2009 Künstlerverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf
2006 Solo Presentation, StaubKohler Gallery, Kunst Zürich

Group Exhibitions (since 2005)
2012 Malerei in Zürich, Helmhaus, Zürich
2012 Other Surfaces, Poppy Sebire Gallery, London
2011 Catch of the Year, Dienstgebäude, Zürich
2011 RÖNTGEN 10 -Temporary dependance of: Nicola von Senger / Rotwand / Katz Contemporary
2011 Zwischenlager - Ankäufe der Stadt Zürich 06-10, Helmhaus,  Zürich
2010 Catch of the Year, Dienstgebäude, Zürich
2010 Throwing Shapes, Coleman Project Space/CGP London
2010 Swiss Art Awards, Basel
2010 In Transit, Rotwand Gallery, Zürich
2009 Werkbeiträge Bildende Kunst des Kantons Zürich, F+F Schule
2009 Werk und Atelierstipendien der Stadt Zürich, Helmhaus, Zürich
2009 Swiss Art Awards, Basel
2009 I Am By Birth A Genevese, Vegas Gallery, London
2009 Coalesce. Smart Project Space, Amsterdam
2008 Future Underground - Aesthetics of Similarities, 1. ITCA Prag-Triennale, Nationalgalerie, Prague
2008 Trans K3 Express, Project(OR) Rotterdam
2008 I'm on may way do you fancy something? Galerie Une, Neuchatel
2007 Absently Present, White Space, Zurich
2007 Port de Suisse, Villa Lautengarten, Basel
2007 Swiss Art Awards, Basel
2007 HOOT, Studio 1.1 London
2006 Mixed Pickles Overloaded, K3 Project Space Zürich
2006 Make Believe, Shillam+Smith Gallery London
2006 Werkbeiträge Bildender Kunst, Kanton Zurich, F+F Schule
2006 Werk und Atelierstipendien der Stadt Zürich, Helmhaus, Zürich
2006 Gallery Groeflinmaag, Basel
2006 Speed, Gallery StaubKohler, Zurich

2010 Collection Cahier d’Artistes, Pro Helvetia
2009 Werkbeitrag Bildende Kunst des Kantons Zürich
2009 Swiss Art Award
2006-07 Stiftung Binz39, Zürich
2006 Werkbeitrag Bildende Kunst des Kantons Zürich
2005 Byam Shaw Artist Fellowship, London
2000 British Council Fellowship Award – Switzerland
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Clare Goodwin appears
courtesy of Rotwand
Gallery,  Zürich.