The work I make ranges across a wide variety of media - from sculpture and installation, to photography,
digital imaging and video. Ultimately, however, I regard myself as a printmaker who is concerned with
developing and extending the discipline to suit my needs as a practicing, contemporary artist. For example,
research for the series of works featured in the exhibition “Behind Appearance” was conducted in the library of
the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh where I concentrated on 18th and 19th Century anatomical
drawings. Considerable experimentation and adaptation of printmaking techniques, using both water based
and oil based inks, were required in order to produce imagery which could be layered on to a variety of
surfaces. I developed a method of printmaking using carborundum grit, which enabled the layering of
photographic and drawn images. In this work the much larger than life sized, anatomical, drawings of the
flayed figure became a new source of body imagery as well as marking the reversal of the layers of materials
and the bindings of the body in earlier work.

In ‘Chimera’, a video and sound installation comprising of eight different films projected onto four latex
screens, each of which is split down the centre and angled in space. The location of these screens is such
that the viewer is partially surrounded by the work and is invited to make their own connections between its
various components. The sound of the spoken word is itself a montage of poetry, fragments of which are
derived from a variety of different sources - sociology, psychoanalysis and feminist theory. The research
involved experimentation into the combination of traditional printmaking techniques with computer generated
imagery, creating a new way to output the digital imagery and to develop digital layering techniques with an
element of historical time by studying and incorporating imagery from earlier work of the 1970’s to introduce a
‘recycling’ of ideas and themes into the new collaborative output.
In the series of prints for ‘Intangible Bodies’ my research expanded upon digital retouching techniques to
create a series of manicured silicon photographic images, contrasted with monochromatic, traditional
etchings, using an adaptation of the photogravure process.

In the work for the Falkland Islands projects, research into materials and techniques of collage and montage
were developed to withstand extreme temperature changes.

My research originates in my practice as an artist and increasingly involves collaboration and interdisciplinary
activity with a broad range of researchers. I have initiated and developed valuable research opportunities not
only for myself but also for colleagues and students, through exhibitions, artist exchanges and residencies. I
would claim to be a person who can see opportunities for initiatives and projects, develop them and gain the
necessary funding, partners, and bring on board the creative people who will participate in them. I have
experience of leading and inspiring the people involved in creative projects.

Body memory
Collaborative research project between 4 professors and 15 students in Warsaw, Berlin and Dundee, on the
theme of Leibgedachtnis (Body Memory). Participating institutions were: Burg Giebichenstein, Hochschule für
Kunst und Design Halle (Halle College of Art & Design); Akademie Sztuk Pienknych Warszawa (Art Academy
Warsaw); Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. Method involved a online group dialogue starting
2003 and culminating in detailed preparation and discussions in person for the touring exhibition. The
exhibitions consisted of 40 works, with traditional and conceptual approaches, including sculptures, paintings,
photographs and video, light and sound installations. The cross-cultural enquiry looked at articulations of the
body and how they are culturally perceived. The diverse aesthetic interpretations of the Body Memory theme led
to a critical and inspiring discussion between the participating groups. As an established British artist, working
with printmaking, video, sculpture and installation involving feminist issues, my intellectual contribution to this
exhibition was to pose a series of visual questions from the perspective of a woman, wife and mother on the
diverse aesthetic interpretations of Body Memory. My etchings were presented as an interchangeable
installation. They described in two dimensions the female form through the impression of clothing, however
the human form was absent. Azade Koker created a similar effect in three dimensions and the works were
hung in relation and “in dialogue with each other”. I also showed an earlier work Chimera (1998). The intention
was to subtly challenge the male perception of the female body in relation to the female experience of her body
through visual and poetic means.  Images of the works and exhibitions and essays and discussion notes by
the professors and students are available on the Website. Reviewed extensively on Polish and German
national TV and newspapers. Kunstforum, bd171 Jul-Aug 2004, magazine, review, p15.

Millennium Corridor – The Falkland Islands
In 1999 I led a team of five artists and designers and seven students from the University of Dundee in the
Millenium Corridor project, Falkland Islands. The series of collaborative projects in the Falkland Islands, was a
unique collaboration between Dundee University Art and Design staff, the Ministry of Defense, His Excellency
the Governor, The Falkland Islanders and the City of Dundee. The object was to improve the physical
environment for servicemen and women stationed in the Falkland Islands. With the team of designers, a
sculptor and students a 1km corridor linking the service’s various facilities was transformed with art stations
and new signage. I also rescued artwork and graffiti produced by the soldiers during and after the 1982 conflict
and arranged for its display.
The Ministry of Defense funded the project and flew the team out to the Falkland Islands to plan and later
complete the galleries, art works, public art and signage in a mile long corridor. The project attracted a
substantial International profile and publicity for the University. What became known as ‘The Millenium corridor
project’ was funded through sponsorship and ‘in Kind’ from the Ministry of Defense at approximately £100,000.
It was significant in its interdisciplinary nature and cross faculty teamwork.

Traces of Conflict- Imperial War Museum
The experience of visiting and working in the Falklands led me to initiate a proposal for a four-person
exhibition to produce artworks reflecting upon the twenty-year old conflict with Argentina. This resulted in a
major exhibition entitled Traces of Conflict and accompanying publication, at the Imperial War Museum, in
London, curated by Angela Weight. The exhibition was reviewed in the Times in its best show list for London.
Accompanying Catalogue published by the Imperial war Museum with Forword by Jimmy Hood MP and
member of the House of Commons select committee for defence. Introduction by Angela Weight, keeper of the
Department of Art, Imperial war Museum.
My prints pursued a hybrid of traditional printmaking techniques allied with digital layering of images of Ajax
Bay and images from performances and works from 20 years previous. The multimedia work ‘Fragments’
juxtaposed photos taken at the time of the conflict with versions of the same composited images employing
new blending techniques and dissolves.

Project Atlantis
Following on from the Falkland Islands, Project Atlantis was created. Project Atlantis is a small research and
consultancy group based in Springfield concerned with environmental protection and education. I act as the
Artistic Director and, along with team leader Brigadier Nicholls raised the funding necessary for the first
project, with lectures and briefings to key public bodies and companies during 1999-2001. In 2002 we
completed a comprehensive web site, which brings the beauty of the Island of South Georgia and its natural
heritage to worldwide Internet access. The purpose of the 200-page web site is not only to raise environmental
awareness and contribute to sound and safe management, but also to provide an online educational
resource. South Georgia’s environmental charter signed by the Commissioner (Donald A. Lamont) and FCO
Minister (Valerie Amos) accessible in the Government Section, provides the building blocks for long-term
environmental management. The project has attracted the appropriate profile and publicity and is on the
National Grid for learning. We have also recently completed the first ever visitors briefing video for the
environmental management of the Island.
The team is now completing a second project with the FCO for the Government of South Georgia and South
Sandwich Islands approached the Project Atlantis team to research and transform the recently refurbished
shell of the historic scientific research station  called Discovery House, into a visitors center. The house was
built when RRS Discovery (Now at Discovery Point, Dundee) was in South Georgia to complement her
research. The space is to be devoted to the achievements of scientists on South Georgia, including British
Antarctic personnel and to re-create a facsimile of the early Post Office.

The Demarco Archives: accessing a 40-Year Dialogue between Richard Demarco and the European Avant-
In 2003, with the experience gained from developing and delivering electronic resources for Project Atlantis I
suggested to Richard Demarco a digitization approach to his archive building upon the Content Management
System we had developed through Project Atlantis. With the assistance of two colleagues in Fine Art we
received an AHRC Resource Enhancement Award of £320,000. The project runs from 2004-2008 and is
based at the Visual Research Centre and online through the University of Dundee. For the past four decades
Demarco has contributed to Scotland’s cultural life. His archive is a comprehensive record of the activities of
the Richard Demarco Gallery and latterly of the Demarco European Foundation.
It is estimated that the archive contains in excess of half a million photographs taken by Demarco himself,
plus books, documents and original artworks charting his work with such Eastern European artists as Marina
Abramovic, Magdalena Abakanowicz and Tadeusz Kantor. Many items also reveal his lengthy friendship with
Joseph Beuys, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Paul Neagu and Jimmy Boyle. The Archives contain material of
international range and significance, relevant to contemporary visual art, theatre, literature, cultural studies,
history and politics. By creating a virtual archive of some 10,000 works, the diverse contents of will be
presented in a coherent way with web access for scholarly and public use.  Research informs texts that
identify, cross-reference and contextualise visual material. The key outcome is the creation of the digital
database accessed through a dedicated web site.
From the 21st March until 1st April 2007 I was invited by the National Centre for Culture and the Adam
Mickiewicz Institute to accompany Richard Demarco to visit Wroclaw, Cracow, Lodz  and Warsaw in order to
assist Richard Demarco who was giving lectures on cultural perspectives on modern Europe, his archive and
the Polish artists who had attended previous Edinburgh Festivals. We visited important museums, galleries
and artist’s studios meeting with representatives of the Art World in Poland. www.nck.pl/demarco
Quote : “Richard Demarco is without doubt a remarkable man, an Italian Scot, a founder of the Traverse
Theatre, a man who is an artist, a writer, a philosopher. He is a man who has brought contemporary visual
arts to the Edinburgh Festival. He has been involved in more than 50 Edinburgh Festivals, and has brought
great artists like Joseph Beuys and Kantor to thousands of people. He has also brought the visual arts from
other parts of the world, from Eastern Europe, long before other people were interested. And he has inspired
us all…”
       Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate Gallery, 2000

The Scottish Crop Research Institute
This is an ongoing collaborative research project with two scientists from the Scottish Crop Research Institute,
started in 2005. Involving representational scientific data, visual art and sound, We are investigating whether a
Science – Art fusion can move the boundaries of visual and audio interpretation. My artistic re-interpretation of
the scientific data has contributed to new insights. Rather than simply identifying genes unique to a pathogen,
the screen prints revealed the presence of other genes present in all of the bacteria, possibly representing
genes essential to all forms of bacteria.
A subsidiary aim is the promotion and understanding of plant pathology to the general public; the promotion of
SCRI as a world leader in crop science; Pilot stage was funded by a grant from the Mylnefield Trust (£5,000)
allowing the development and the presentation of an interim exposition of prints and 2D and 3D computer-
generated and projected imagery in High Definition Video. The work has been exhibited and the subject of
lectures at three International Conferences:
Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, 16th March 2006
Singapore Biopolis Centre, 14th January 2006
International Erwinia Workshop, Dundee. 7-9 July 2006. International Conference on Plant Pathogenic
Bacteria, Edinburgh. 10-14, July 2006. Reviews in both Singapore and Scotland. Scotsman Saturday 21st
January 2006, Glasgow Herald.
Peer Reviewed Paper: A Blueprint For Bacterial Life And Art, 3000 words; ChArt Twenty-Second Annual
Conference, FAST FORWARD Art History, Curation and Practice After Media. 9th -10th November 2006,
Birbeck, University of London. Other speakers included Bruce Wands Director of the New York Digital Salon.


Present position
Depute Head, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design,
University of Dundee
Chair of Fine Art Printmaking


1972-73         Brighton Polytechnic - Faculty of Art and Design, Foundation Diploma
1973-76         Winchester School of Art, Sculpture, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) 1st Class
1976-79         Royal College of Art, Printmaking, Master of Arts

Academic Experience
1979-86        Visiting Lecturer, Hull School of Art
1980-84        Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Art & Design, Middlesex Polytechnic
1980-83        Visiting Lecturer, Chelsea School of Art
1982-84        Part-time Lecturer, Winchester School of Art
1984-88        Part-time Lecturer, Duncan Jordanstone College of Art
1989-01        Promoted to Senior Lecturer Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Course Director , Head of

2004        Reader in Fine Art, Faculty Coordinator for Postgraduate Studies
2005-7        Professor Fine Art Printmaking, Director of The Faculty Graduate Centre
2007_        Dupute Head Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design

External Academic Committee Service
External Examiner for Printmaking, University of the West of England,
Faculty of Art and Design, Bristol
External Examiner for Printmaking, Humberside University,
Faculty of Art and Design
1999-2002        External Examiner, Norwich School of Art
1997        External Advisor, Validation Committee ,Fine Art, Norwich School of Art
1997-        Dundee University Co-coordinator for USSCOT (United States Scotland Consortium) This
Consortium links the four Scottish Art Schools/Faculties,ie Dundee, Edinburgh Glasgow and Aberdeen with
various Art institutions across the USA, for example Hunter College, New York, Chicago Art Institute  and Tyler
University, Philadelphia. The Consortium initiates exchange exhibitions, artists residencies, student
exchanges and collaborative artistic enterprises between Scotland and North America,
1999-2001        President of USSCOT
2001        External Advisor to National College of Art & Design, Dublin
2003-2006        External Examiner, Printmaking, National College of Art & Design, Dublin
Professional Service/Memberships
1989-96        Director of Dundee Printmakers Workshop
1994-96        Vice Chairperson of Dundee Printmakers Workshop
1994-96        Working Party for City Arts Centre, in charge of promoting the new Printmakers Workshop as a
Centre of Excellence
1992        Elected as a Professional member of Society of Scottish Artists
1995        Elected to Council of Scottish Society of Artists
1996        Judge with Julian Spalding, for the Glasgow Print Open touring exhibition
1996-99        Scottish Arts Council Visual Arts Advisor
2000        Elected as a Fellow of the RSA
1980-82        Artist/Printmaker in Residence, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Berkshire
1982-84        Fellow in Residence, Fine Art Printmaking, Winchester School of Art
1997        International Visiting Artist to Kansas State University, Carbondale State
University, New Orleans State University, Moorhead State University,
1997        Ty Newydd, Wales
2000        Artist in Residence, University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia
2006         President of the Society of Scottish Artists
1979        Arts Council of Great Britain Award
1980        Southern Arts Award
1985        Scottish Arts Council Award
1988        Lincoln & Humberside Arts Award
1989        Paperworks, National award
1998        Adobe Systems Europe Digital Imaging Prize
2001        Shackleton Scholarship
2002        Carnegie Scholarship
2003         Faculty Interdisciplinary Award
2004        Hope Scott Trust
2004        Carnegie Scholarship
2005        Major Arts & Humanities Research Board Award ‘ The Demarco Archives; Accessing a 40 – year
dialogue between Richard Demarco and the European Avant-Garde
2005        Carnegie Scholarship

Curatorial Work
1983                      Selector and Organizer for Southern Arts. Touring group Exhibition Out of Print . ‘Fourteen
artists challenged the notions of printmaking.’  The  catalogue was written in collaboration with Jennifer
1989        Dundee Folio - curated a portfolio of prints around the poems of Valerie
Gillies (Writer in Residence DJCA) sponsored by Baillie Marshall. Artists included Will Maclean, Ian Howard  
and Dennis Buchan
1994        Thursday’s Child - with painter June Redfern ,curated and supervised a
series of prints editioned in Dundee by distinguished Scottish Artists including Elizabeth Blackadder, Will
Maclean, Barbara Rae, John Houston
2004        Leibgedachtnis (Body Memory) –  Artistic Director for touring exhibition, an international collaborative
research project with students and tutors from the Art Academy Warsaw, Poland, the Art College Burg
Giebichtenstein / Halle, Germany and DJCAD.

1997        Art & Science, Edinburgh, delivered Paper - Behind Appearance
1997        Steiner, Art and Science Conference,’ A City Responds”, The University of Dundee and The University
of Abertay
1998        ISEA, Manchester & Liverpool
1999        IMPACT, Bristol, gave Paper Limited Edition-Unlimited Image
     - the Impact of New Technology on printmaking
1999        Invited panel member and Speaker ‘ The Impact of Theoretical structures
and contextual practices’ published by UWE press.
1999        CAA (College Arts Association) Los Angeles, USA
1999        USSCOT, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, USA
2000        CAA, New York, USA delivered Paper the Impact of New Technology on printmaking- A Scottish
2000        USSCOT, New York, USA delivered Paper Limited Edition-Unlimited Image
2000        USSCOT, Hospitalfield, Arbroath delivered Paper Falkland Island Project
2001        CAA, Chicago, USA delivered Paper Dundee Contemporary Arts
2001        USSCOT, Rome, Italy
2001        IMPACT, Helsinki, Finland
2003         South Georgia Association Conference, Cambridge
2006        Royal Society of Edinburgh, Ambassadors Meeting, “Challenges for The Antarctic Treaty System”
2006         CHart Conference, “A blueprint for bacterial life – Can a Science-Art fusion move the boundaries of
visual and audio interpretation?”

Works in the Collections of:
Private Collections in Europe and Canada
British Broadcasting Corporation
Bank of America    
Landesbank, Stuttgart, West Germany
Kurt Breinlinger, Konstanz, Germany
Arts Council of Great Britain
Royal College of Art
Dundee City Museums and Art Galleries
Dictionary of Women artists
Imperial War Museum
AHRB Visual Arts Data Service Digital Archive

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1977        International Print  Biennale, National Gallery, Singapore.
Gulbenkian Gallery, Royal College of Art ,London.
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1980         Fifty Years of Printmaking at the RCA. Royal College of Art, London.
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International Women’s Conference, Film Museum of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Edinburgh Festival Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh
1981        Arteder ‘82 Muestra International, De Arte Grafico, Bilbao, Spain.
Solo Show. South Hill Park Arts Centre, Berkshire
1983        Freeze Frame   The Women’s City Art Exhibition Royal College of Art
1984        First fellows Exhibition.  The Winchester Gallery
1985        Contemporary  Printmaking, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.
1986        An exhibition of  International Printmakers Landesbank, Stuttgart
1987         150 th Anniversary Exhibition of Printmaking from the Royal college of Art, Barbican Gallery London.
1988        Gallerie Twerenbold, Lucerne, Switzerland
Tenth  British International Print Biennale, Bradford Art Galleries and Museums.
Solo Exhibition. Bellfrie Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
1990        Kindred Spirits, Ancrum Gallery, The Jordanstone Folio
1991        12th International  Bradford Print Biennale, Royal College of Art
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1995        “Gathering” Group Show, Galerie Beeldspraak, Amsterdam
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A Millennium Bestiary
Brave Art Glasgow Mayfest ‘96 Exhibition
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1997         Behind Appearance touring Exhibition Kansas State University Gallery, Carbondale State University,
New Orleans State University, Moorhead State University, The Seagate Gallery, Dundee, June 1997
1998         Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh.
1999    ‘Chimera’ Dundee Contemporary Arts, selected for the opening of DCA
2000        8th Biennale de L’Image en Mouvement, Saint Gervais, Geneva, Switzerland.
European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Germany.
Demarco /70/2000. University of Kingston, Edinburgh City Art Gallery
Expressions, Scottish Art 1976 – 1989, McManus Galleries and Dundee Contemporary Arts,
Solo Exhibition Meffan museum and Gallery, Forfar.
2001         XIII Bienal Salon Internacional, Puerto Rico, Prints.
              In Print. A radical look at the evolution in contemporary printmaking. A Quay Art Touring Exhibition,
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, Howard Gardens Gallery, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. Invited to exhibit.
2002        Traces of Conflict, Imperial War Museum, London
Digital Mini Print Exhibition, Centre for Fine Print Research UWE, Bristol.
Beyond Conflict, Richard Demarco European Art Foundation Touring Show, opening at Commonwealth
Games Manchester
2003        RSA 2003 Annual Exhibition, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh
40 Scottish Artists-a 4oth Anniversary Exhibition, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh
2004         Images of South Georgia, historical and contemporary, The ‘Lamb Gallery’,Dundee

‘Incisone di Chieri’, Trienale, Turin.  Italy. (Printmaking Triennial)
Etching in Dundee, The Macmanus Gallery,
‘Incisone di Chieri’, Trienale, Edinburgh Printmakers Gallery.
‘Legacy’ Centrespace, VRC Dundee City Arts Centre. Installation
Leibgedachtnis .Touring exhibition.  Warsaw, Poland. Potsdam, Germany, Dundee, Scotland.
2006   The Richard Demarco Archive, Skateraw, Dunbar. Reviewed extensively on national      
TV and Newspapers
Art Meets Science in Singapore, The Biopolis Centre, Singapore. Reviewed in Singapore national
newspapers, TV and in The Scotsman and Dundee Courier.
Art Meets Science, The visual research centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, Dundee.
2007    Rush Video Installation, Fieldgate Gallery, London

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Stephen Partridge is an artist and academic researcher. He is the principal investigator on the four-year AHRC
funded research project REWIND, which runs until June 2008.

He was in the "landmark" video shows of the 1970s including the Video Show at the Serpentine in 1975, the
Installation Show at the Tate gallery in 1976, The Paris Biennalle in 1977 and The Kitchen in New York in
1979. During the eighties he exhibited widely and also became interested in works for broadcast television
and was commissioned by Channel 4 television to produce Dialogue for Two Players in 1984.

With Jane Rigby, he formed Fields and Frames Ltd - an arts projects and television Production Company -
which produced the innovative Television Interventions project for Channel 4 in 1990, with nineteen works by
artists for television (including his own piece in the series - The Sounds of These Words. He also co-produced
a short series of student and artists work, Not Necessarily, with BBC Scotland for BBC2 network television in
1991. He has also curated a number of influential video shows: Video Art 78 in Coventry; UK TV New York;
National Review of Live Art 1988-90; 19:4:90 Television Interventions; and the touring tape packages Made in
Scotland I, II, Semblances, Passages. 

He has worked with the artist and composer David Cunningham, whose soundworks and structural approach
has enriched many of his works since 1974. Other major collaborations include the artist Elaine Shemilt on a
series of works including the installation Chimera and the digital prints and etchings series Intangible Bodies.

He has lectured since 1975 in a number of art colleges, and established the School of Television & Imaging at
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (University of Dundee). He is presently Professor of Media Art
and Dean of Research responsible for the research leadership of the College and the Visual Research Centre
and the Exhibitions Department.

He has experience of evaluation for the Arts Council, Channel 4, the Scottish Arts Council, Scottish Screen,
SAC Lottery, Creative Scotland Awards and the AHRC and from September 2004-2007, was a member of the
AHRC Research Committee and Convener of AHRC Panel 2 Visual Arts & Media. Currently a member of the
AHRC’s Nominations Committee.


Maidstone College of Art 1972-75

Royal College of Art 1975-76

Academic Employment

Lecturer in Video and Performance, Centre for Media Studies, Faculty of Art and Design, Coventry Polytechnic,
Lecturer in Video Production, Dept of Film & TV, London College of Printing, 1976-83
Lecturer & Production Director, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, Scotland, 1984 to 1991 and
Senior Lecturer DJCAD from 1991-1993
Head of School of Television & Imaging 1993-2001.
Chair of Media Art 1997.
Dean of Research 2001-

Academic Service (current)
DJCAD Senior Management Team
Convener DJCAD Research Committee and Visual Research Centre Committee
University of Dundee Research Committee
Convener for Scottish Funding Council of creative disciplines Research Pooling Initiative
AHRC’s Nominations Committee.

Research grants gained in the last 5 years:

Scottish Enterprise Tayside, Infrastructure Grant, Centre for Digital Imaging, £49,210, 2001.
Visual Arts Data
Service, Curation and digitisation for National Fine Art Education Digital Collection, £3,000, 2002. Scottish
Enterprise Tayside, Infrastructure Grant, Incubator Unit, £50,000, 2002. Scottish Enterprise Tayside,
Infrastructure Grant, Arius 3D Studio, £75,000, 2002. SHEFC, SRIF2 Grant, Refurbishment and re-equipping of
Visual Research Centre, £300,000, 2003.
AHRC Research Grant for REWIND, £433,350, 2003

SHEFC, Small-Scale Research Pooling Feasibility Study, £35,000, 2005.

Visiting Lectures

Brighton Polytechnic; Sheffield Polytechnic; Newcastle Polytechnic; Wolverhampton Polytechnic; St Martins
College of Art; Humberside Polytechnic; Maidstone College of Art; Groningen College, Holland; Enschede
College, Holland; Reitveldt Academy, Amsterdam, Holland; Sorbonne, Paris; Ontario College of Art, Toronto,
Canada; NSCAD, Halifax, Canada; Trent Polytechnic; Sorbonne, Paris, 

Awards and Bursaries

1975 Arts Council Award 1976. British Council Travel Award
 1977. British Council Travel Award 1978. Arts
Council Bursary 
1979. Canada Council Travel Grant 1979. Arts Council Bursary
 1979. British Council Travel
Award 1979. GLAA Award
 1980. Arts Council Award 1986. Scottish Arts Council Award
 1989. Scottish Arts
Council Award 1998. Adobe Systems Europe Prize, SSA Annual Exhibition, RSA Galleries, Edinburgh

Organisations, Panels, Committee Service

Founder member of London Video Arts in 1976. Secretary from 1977-79.

Panel member of West Midlands Arts Association. 

Panel member of the Channel4 TV/ Arts Council of GB New Directors Scheme. 

Scottish Film Training Trust 1991-3.

Consultant to Arts 2000 project Scottish Arts Council

Jury Member of the Locarno Film & Video Festival 1996
External Assessor for New Directions/National Lottery, Scottish Arts Council 1997-1998
Referee & Evaluator to the Arts & Humanities Research Board, British Academy
CHEAD Research Committee 2002-5
Expert Reviewer European FP6
Advisor to Arts Council of England, Combined Arts
Company Director of Dundee Contemporary Arts Ltd & Peacock Visual Arts Ltd
Reviewer for Leonardo and College Arts Association Journal.