My practice is based around the subject of cultural identity and the aspect of the connection
between thought, language and communication.  The main questions in my recent
investigation were; “How does language affect our identity?” “How does language shape the
way we think?” and “Do we feel different depending on which language we use?” I was also
curious as to ways in which we perceive others when we hear different voices and accents,
especially when we remove the image of body and the other attributes of identity.  Recently
my work has slowly moved from the direct subject of language to the tradition of story telling
and the legends and oral traditions that build our identity.

In Chameleophonia (2005) I use my own body as a uniform to go with different voices that I
have recorded.  I removed my voice and replace it with that of others.  I asked several women
with different accents to tell a story. The viewer watching the first performance would accept
the person telling the story as a real character; he/she would start finding out more about the
background of the performer from their accent, but then a look-alike continued the story with
a completely different accent and voice.   I thought that my own national identity (Polish) in
the piece could be exposed in a story like an old legend.  Myths as part of our national culture
give us a sense of being part of society from an early age. My own national identity unfolds
and is exposed as a thin narrative in the manner of an old legend.


2003 - 2005         MA in Media Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester
1997 - 2000         BA Hon’s in Fine Art, University of Central Lancashire, Preston
1991 - 1996         National College of Art and Design (PLSP) Bielsko-Biala, Poland


2007 August:  ArtRadio, Cornerhouse, Manchester, Broadcast of “Kino” sound piece
2007 July:  Binaural Audio Art Symposium, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.
2006 April:  700IS Egilssta, international film and video art festival, Iceland, ‘Chameleophonia’
has been short-listed for the ´Alcoa´ prize.
2005 Sept - Nov:  Retrieval, Alsager -Art Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University, Alsager
2005 Sept - Nov:  In Print, Chapel Gallery, Ormiskirk
2005 April :  The Last Picture Show, sound installation, Underground Art Centre, Clitheroe
2004 June - July:  AJAR/ Group of Printmakers Exhibition, Abbott Hall, Kendal
2004 May:  Conversation, video installation, Centre of Contemporary Arts, University of
Central Lancashire, Preston
2003 :  Wrexham Print International, Wrexham Arts Centre, Wrexham, Yale Memorial Gallery,
2002 March - May:  Astley Annual Open Exhibition, Astley Hall, Chorley  
2002 January :  Experiments in Print, Canfas Gallery, Cardiff
2001 April - May :  The Place. Second Easter Open, Letchworth Arts    Centre, Letchworth
2001 March - May :  Manchester Academy of Fine Arts 142nd Annual Exhibition, Manchester
2001 March - May :  Astley Annual Open Exhibition, Astley Hall, Chorley
2001 February:  Graduate Exhibition, Jelly Leg’d Chicken Art Centre, Reading
2000 Oct – Dec:  Sefton Open Exhibition, Southport
2000 June :  Fine Art Degree Show, University of Central Lancashire, Preston
2000 March - May:  Manchester Academy of Fine Arts 141st Annual Exhibition, Manchester
2000 Nov – Jan :  Students’ Show, Pankhurst Centre, Manchester
2000 Dec – Jan:  Open Exhibition of Printmaking, Ark-t Centre, Oxford