Restore Hope
Electric cables (1,1 km), light bulb
Variable dimension

Lives and works in Aubervilliers, France

January 2001 :  power cuts paralyzed California. This marks the beginning of the work Restore
Hope. Since that year, the artist has been collecting electric cables he found on disused
appliances on the street. Soldered together, they create a 1.1 km extended cable. The aim of
this action is to connect this cable from the artist’s workplace directly to Silicon Valley in order to
avoid any other power cuts. Julien Berthier’s work “consists of inventing or creating means of
construction, mostly using vanishing tricks, illusion, modification and displacement. A “classic”
parquet floor and the container that holds it will go on a tour of the world, hoping to gain an
“exotic” status through its journey, to change its nature simply by the mechanical virtue of the


2006 Julien Berthier, Galerie GP & N Vallois, Paris, France (solo)

Fliegende Kühe und andere Kometen – Nicht nur komische Dinge in der Kunst (Flying cows and other comets –
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