Works and lives in Paris and Berlin

A particular feeling, a sort of 20th century nostalgia comes from “the observation of a world where any creations
spread with all speed leaving behind them a certain amount of failure. This consequence is the margin of error,
the difference changing between those failures and an infinite high-tech landscape which I am trying to catch”,
claims Gaëlle Boucand. Flurry (2007) consists of a Super8 computer screen saver projection. The artist offers to
the viewer a short story of retrieval, a jump into time from the best of the screen saver to the experimental cinema
of the 1970s.

500 / 500 000 000 (2008) is made with a microfiche reader showing pictures of minerals, and plays with the non-
linear evolution of technologies. The loss of data due to the adaptation to digital technology (for instance from a
floppy disk to a CD) has been encouraging some organizations to revert to the microfiche system, which
enables to archive information for 500 years. 500 / 500 000 000 sets up an elastic relationship with time:
technology goes back to the situation as it was 20 years ago in order to preserve archives of 500 000 000 year
old minerals for the next 500 years.


2007 Teufelsberg, (projection video) Basso, Berlin, Allemagne
Rien à voir, Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil

2006 Art France Berlin, Open studios, Berlin, Allemagne
Windstill, atelier paetau, Kolonie wedding, Berlin, Allemagne
Jeune création, La Belleviloise, Paris
N7-S11, Bétonsalon, Paris
Attentifs ensemble, Attitudes, Geneve, Suisse
0013 Gallery, Helsinki, Finlande
Exposition-loterie, Galerie des Minimes, Paris
Geld spielt keine rolle, international videofestival, Weimar, Allemagne

2005 Conférence UFO 2005, &nbsp, La Générale, Paris (solo)
Rencontres internationales Paris- Berlin, Centre Culturel Suédois, Paris
Première vue, Passage de Retz, Paris
Nomad’s land, la STAB, Bayonne

2004 Tracks, Hewitt Gallery, Cooper Union, New York, USA

2003 Les rfugies, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie Off, Arles
Signes de nuit, Cinéma le Balzac, Paris
Stade de France, Fondation Italo-suédoise, Biennale de Venise Off, Venise, Italie

Touch Me,
jeu Atari created in 1978

Touch Me
Virtual scheme of the installation device, 2008