Lives and Works in Paris and Berlin

As highlighted by Gabriel Tarde, a social process has its own logic: it means that it’s structured like a
model of language. The schemes imitation, appropriation, transformation, implicit in the notion of
propagation, reflect linguistic learning including its dysfunctions, which can create linguistic disjunctions
and delirium. Her film and installation devices are spread out in the exhibition space with images
flowing from the screen into the three-dimensional reality. Réidio Siti was inspired by a real fact: the
neurosis of an American citizen who, due to his refusal of the English language, transcribes each word
into its phonetic spelling. It questions the linguistic pragmatics of a pathology whose socio-historical
backdrop conditions the appearances. This artwork also links the eruption of thought to the experience
of its transmission and its weaknesses.


2006 Storylines, Kunst Raum, Munich, Allemagne - Festival du cinéma français, Jakarta, Indonésie -
Projection vidéo, Carré dʼart, Nîmes - Projection vidéo, Lʼantenne, Paris - Festival international du film
court, Oberhausen, Allemagne - Platform, Berlin, Allemagne - Storylines, Kunst Verein, Göttingen,

2005 Kino Krov, Bétonsalon, Paris (solo) - Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, Cinéma lʼEntrepôt,
Paris - Beograd Nekad I Sad, Belgrade, Serbie-Montenegro - 16ème Festival International du film
Documentaire, Petit Pavillon, Marseille

2004 Public Relations Vol.1&4, Public, Paris - Ondulation, Transat vidéo, St-Laurent de Terregate

reidio siti
video, polystyrene