Lives and works in London

The works of Peter Joslyn form a meeting point between painting and sculpture. Predominantly wall-
based, they derive imagery from a number of diverse sources - postcards, the hills of Bavaria, the
clothing of American cheerleaders, LED wall displays from Wall Street and so on. For instance, the work
exhibited in Bass Diffusion Model is a subversive appropriation from a Labour Party tapestry, depicting a
march. The artist made the pictural representation on a wooden boarding. Formally simplified and
flattened, Joslyn’s version of the Labour Party tapestry is also ornamented with ironic scrolling LED
texts. The work is inspired by the artist’s need to escape – to escape from his surroundings and the
dreaded normality of life, and the desire to find idealism without content. The pursuit itself is the goal.

Group exhibitions

Jargon of Landscape, Wallis Gallery, London
Is The World Flat?, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
Fall In Theatre 2, Takecourage Gallery, London

Year 07, County Hall, London
Lobby, Hales Gallery, London
Fall In Theatre, V22, London

You're Welcome, House Gallery, London

You're Welcome to Come, Vyner Street, London

One Plus Two Equals, 14 Wharf Road, London

Fresh Art, Business Design Centre, London