Lives and works in Cheseaux.

According to Gabriel Tarde, the circular process of imitation / propagation / invention can serve to describe the
social logic as well as artistic practices. For instance, Genêt Mayor assembles meticulously some everyday
objects in order to create abstract sculptures. He mixes various fields such as art and the craft industry and
appropriating art history. His drawings, paintings and sculptures can be understood according to additions,
compilations and shifts such as potential reinterpretations of some modernist themes: series, module,
autoreferences… Using different media, Mayor’s work is also mainly based on DIY materials and techniques.
Gathering hundred of wooden plugs, Petite Cathedrale is the result of such an amateur-like practice. Taking
ready-made elements and according to what he can find during the random process of his regular do-it-
yourself store visits, Mayor updates formal structures creating new potentially serial, but non-standardized
functional and shaped objects. In this way, he also initiates the sort of stuttering narrations exhibited, as in a
cabinet de curiosités.

Exhibitions / FESTIVAL

2007 Speed Stacking, FRAC des Pays de la Loire, Carquefou, France (solo)
Exposition 1, L’âge critique, Fri-Art, Centre d’art contemporain, Fribourg, Suisse

2006 1996-2006 : 10 ans d’acquisitions, de dons et de legs, Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne

2005 Genêt Mayor, Galerie Forde, Genève, Suisse (solo)

2004 Negotiation : for love or money?, Donzévansaanen, Galerie d’art contemporain, Lausanne, Suisse

2001 Circuit, Lausanne, Suisse (solo)