Works and lives in Paris, France

The video Western DDR (2005) deals with the relations between East and West
Europe, and with the transfers between two regimes and two political and
economical systems. This documentary could also be filed under fiction. An off
screen voice narrates in a neutral tone images of a cow-boy’s village which was
totally rebuilt in a former DDR communist era camp, located in Templin — North of
Berlin. The video is an investigation about a specific site looking at the successive
steps of the erasure process. Western DDR plays with the propagation of
information and the potential memory process led by the artist’s approach, as well
as by the shift of economical and political models.


2007 Cinema du Reel, selection en competition internationale, Centre Pompidou,

2006 Lieux communs, Projection video sur invitation de Betonsalon, Montreuil,
L’usage du monde, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatie
Working ghosts, Oberwelt, Stuttgart, Allemagne (solo) –
Multipolaire, Leipzig, Allemagne
Mulhouse 006, la creation contemporaine issue des écoles d’art, Mulhouse -
Radio, Festival d’œuvres sonores en direct et en streaming, Paris

2005 Veuillez patienter, nous nous efforçons d’écourter votre attente, Lyon
Between the Furniture and the Building (Between a Rock and a Hard Place),
Centre d’art contemporain de Bretigny, Brétigny
Les enfants du Sabbat, Le Creux de l’Enfer, Centre d’art contemporain de Thiers,