Julien Berthier                                              Gaëlle Boucand                                               Valentin Carron
Julien Discrit                                            Elise Florenty                                         Fabien Giraud
Swetlana Heger                                    Peter Joslyn                                           Pierre-Yves Macé
Genet Mayor                               Alexej Meschtschanow                                                   Emilie Pitoiset
Magali Reus                                                                   Clementine Roy
Clotilde Viannay and Philippe Vasset                       Marie Voignier                                           Christoph Weber
PUBLICATION – The Mix, 2008 by Christian Egger / Manuel Gorkiewicz / Christian Mayer / Yves Mettler /
Magda Tothova / Ruth Weismann / Alexander Wolff (edited by Burozoïque, Paris)

Chicago, Times, Plotter, Helvetica, DIN, Techno, Löhfelm, RR_02, Univers, Tiffany, Circuit and Memphis are the 12 issues of the Chicago
magazine founded in 2002 in Vienna by a group of Austrian, German and Swiss artists: Christian Egger, Manuel Gorkiewicz, Christian Mayer,
Yves Mettler, Magda Tothova, Ruth Weismann, Alexander Wolff.

With 2 to 3 issues a year, the members of the team publish their magazine around their personal encounters and interests. Each issue
includes around fifteen contributions, in both texts and images. Artists, writers, scientists and specialists in all kind of fields are invited to
contribute and intervene within the framework of a discreet and pragmatic layout, which has already been acknowledged by the London Design
Museum in its exhibition Best European Design 2005.

The Mix, especially prepared for Bass Diffusion Model, has been edited by Burozoïque (editions@burozoique.fr), a French publisher of books,
artists books, monographies and exhibition catalogues distributed by Paris Musées.  

This project is supported by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques.