Lee Holden’s work deliberately draws out the normally suppressed connections between areas such as
drug abuse, violence, homelessness, poverty and unemployment, and Capitalism’s celebration of
glamour, war, and economic success. He examines the operations of advertising, television news, the
National Lottery and other stereotypical forms of address so as to lay bare the fundamental
contradictions inherent in their production and presentation. His installations employ a wide range of
found materials (redundant computers and TVs, advertising literature, industrial furniture, film footage),
reinscribing their values and implications so as to render their naturalised meanings problematic and
open to dispute.  The viewer is subjected to an intense, multilayered audio-visual display, one that
parodies the media spectacle, turning its own technologies against itself.

1997 - 99         University of Reading – MFA in Fine Art
1991 - 94         Cumbria College of Art & Design – BA (Hons) Fine Art.
1989 - 91          Accrington & Rossendale College – B-TEC Art & Design.

Selected Exhibitions, Screenings and Performances

2008        Railway Tavern, Stratford, London.        Just Gaming- (Video)
Video screening as part of “From the picturesque to the demolished”,
An evening of video and performance, 8pm, 27th September 2008.

2008        Magazin 4, Bregenz, Austria.         HOAX!
First major international solo exhibition.
Large-scale Multi-media Installation and site-specific artwork.        

2007        Wittenplatz Gallery, Amsterdam,         Psy-Optical Insurrection (Video)
Video screening as part of “Journey to the Foul Side of the Sun”,
An evening of video and performance 14th June 2007.

2007        Lemon Sky Projects, Miami, USA,         We Neither Confirm Nor Deny (Video)
Video screening as part of “Toffee Armistice”, an exhibition of current British
Art Now. Curated by Martin Sexton.

2006        Bar-a-Bar, London,                 We Neither Confirm Nor Deny
Multi-media Performance, part of “Foul side of the Sun”.
An evening of video and performance, 8pm, Wed 6th December 2006.

2006        E:vent Gallery, London,                 Deal or No Deal
Multi-media Installation, part of “Black Box”. Curated by Lela Budde and Peter

2006        Magazin4, Bregenz, Austria.         Merz=        
Multi-media Installation, part of the group show “Merz=”. Curated by Peter Lewis
in collaboration with Wolfgang Fetz.

2006        Fieldgate Gallery, London.                We Neither Confirm Nor Deny (version 2)
Multi-media Installation, part of group show, “ Half Life”. Curated by Richard Ducker
and Gretta Sarfarty Marchant.

2006        Tate Britain, London.                 Late at Tate Britain
Film screening as part of “Truth Machine”, a night event of experimental music,
installation and film. Presented by Martin Sexton.

2005        Three Colts Gallery, London.         We Neither Confirm Nor Deny
Multi-media Installation, as part of USUK Show, co-curated by Anne-Sophie
Dinant (London), Koan Jeff Baysa and Artist Ryan S. Lemke (NY).

2005        EAST International 05, Norwich.         We Neither Confirm Nor Deny
Multi-media Performance, part of EAST International, Performance 8pm, Sat 2nd July 2005.
(EAST International 2005 Selector Gustav Metzger)

2004        Zoo Art Fair, Flaca Gallery, London. Spin Programming (Video)
Video screening as part of a weekend arts event, “Zoo Art Fair”, held at London Zoo.

2004        Redux, Commercial Street, London. Yelp & Wail (Video)
Film screening as part of, ‘Vinyl 2 - Siren Song : the Undialectic’ Vinyl is a
series of collaborations in the context of a nightclub that calls into question the
synchronicity of sound and image..

2003        Atlantis Gallery, London.                The Omega Point (performance)
Performance and film screening as part of, “The World‘s First Congress on
Fork-Lift Trucks”: Current Art and its Objectives – a congress that coincided
with the exhibition ‘100,000 Newspapers’ by Gustav Metzger.

2002        The Foundry, London.                Tetelosmenos (8mm film)
Film screening as part of, “The Error is Media”: A six night event of experimental
music, readings of political text and film.

2002        Illuseum, Amsterdam.                Unto its Riddle Oedipus (Part 3)
Film screening as part of “Tweeduister - Betwixt & Between 2 worlds”:
An evening of film and poetry readings.

2002        ACAVA Central Space, London.        Unto its Riddle Oedipus (Part 2)
Solo Performance, installation and film screening.

2001        The Klinker, Sussex Pub, London.        Unto its Riddle Oedipus (Part 1)
Video Screening on the 6th December 2001.

2001        36-40 York Way, London.                EGO: An Examination into the Poetic Theology of Failure
Multi-media Performance as part of the group show “Late Arrivals” on the 21st September 2001.

2000        Stuff Gallery, London.                 One Hundred Pounds of Clay
Performance as part of the group show, “Stuffed”.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2009                Psychopomp                      Artwars Projectspace, 23 Redchurch Street, London.
2008                Planchette (No Letters)      Nettie Horn Gallery, 25b Vyner Street, London.
2007                Planchette                        Residence Gallery, Hackney Wick, London.
2007                Second Life                      Portman Gallery, Bethnal Green, London.
2007                Toffee Armistice                Lemon Sky Projects, Miami, Florida, USA.
2006                Black Box                         E-vent Gallery, Bethnal Green, London.
2006                Merz=                              Magazin 4, Bregenz, Austria.
2006                Half-Life                           Fieldgate Gallery, Whitchapel, London
2005                USUK Show                      Three Colts Gallery, Bethnal Green, London
2005                East International 05        Norwich Gallery, Norwich, Norfolk.
2004                Zoo Art Fair                      Flaca Gallery, Zoo Art Fair, London Zoo, London.
2001                Late Arrivals                     36-40 York Way, Kings Cross, London.
2000                Stuffed                             The Stuff Gallery, Bethnal Green,London.


2009        Boycott Bloomberg ,Free School Publication.                  

2008        Tribute to Gustav Metzger, Intermedium rec. 036.                
Booklet and 2 audio CD’s. Anna McCarthy - Anton Kaun - Carl Oesterhelt - Catriona Shaw - Cobra Killer –
Dennis Graef -
Dompteur Mooner - Eva Weinmayr - Frau Kraushaar & Nova Huta - Lee Holden - Max
Müller -
Melissa Logan - Michaela Melián - Mosh Mosh - POLLYester - Rhythm King and her friends -

Schwestern Brüll feat. Raumschiff Engelmayr - Stewart Home / Nigel Ayers -
Ted Gaier / Mense Reents -
Wolfgang Müller - Yoko Ono. Edited by Justin Hoffman

2008            HOAX!, Magazin4/Disjecta Publication.        
Exhibition Catalogue with DVD. M4-Disjecta series Publication to accompany solo international show.
Essays included by Peter Suchin, Gustav Metzger, Michael Hampton and Wolfgang Fetz. Edited by Dr
Wolfgang Fetz.

2004             Wonderful, Visions of the Near Future, Bookworks Publication.                
Bookwork’s Commision, edited by Maria Fusco. Mundus Vult Deicpi Ergo Decapitar, prose text by Lee
Holden, Spring 2004. Curated by Clare Cumberlidge. Contributors included artists and scientists by: J.G.
Ballard, Mark Beasley, Jeni Bougourd, Adam Chodzko, Equator, Vincent Fusco, Liam Gillick, Lavinia
Greenlaw, Eduardo Kac, Gayle Markovitz, Craig Martin, Jane Prophet, Karen Rader, Peter Ride, Martin
Rees and David Toop

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