Based in London, the artists Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli work together and often
igloo. Their practice is multifaceted ranging through installation, intervention,
virtualisation, film and performance drawing on the multiple layers of reality and
unreality. Much of their work is in recreating environments and systems where coding
joins hands with choreographies of the body. Their core concept is the intersection
between technology and the human spirit, where our ambivalence to technology is
explored with originality, humour and intellect.

Over the past ten years igloo has carried out a wide range of practice-based research
in order to develop new & experimental multi-media projects for public
presentation. Whilst the artistic rationale for the content of these projects has remained
constant, the requirement to research and experiment in order to keep pace with new
technological opportunities has led igloo to evolve creative, distinctive and highly
disciplined models for collaboration with a wide and distinguished range of
professionals supporting research and production of new works.  

Research areas include the use of animation tools and digital methods to explore and
realise unique approaches in developing real-time screen based works. The creative
expansion of interface development into new territories evolving science and new
display technologies.

Their recent group and solo exhibitions include ISEA, 52nd Venice Biennale, Sara
Meltzer Gallery, New York, V22 London, Wharf Road, London.

Their recent residencies include RMIT Australia, ArtSway, UK &; Banff, Canada.


Selected Solo Exhibitions
2008 SwanQuake - V22, London, UK
2007 Summerbranch - Space4, Peterborough, UK
2006 Summerbranch -  ArtSway, New Forest, UK
2003Winterspace - E:vent, London, UK
2000 WindowsNinetyEight - British Council, Park Tower, Tokyo, Japan
1999 WindowsNinetyEight - Gallery One0One, Reykjavik, Iceland

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009 Altered Sequence, E:vent Gallery, London
2008 V22 -Wharf Road Project - London, UK
2008 Landscapes for Frankenstein - Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, USA
2007 New Forest Pavilion - Palazzo Zenobio, 52nd Venice Biennale, Italy
2007 AURORA - Norwich, UK
2007 GamePlay - Around the Coyote, Chicago, USA
2006 Bombasyers de Lille 3000 - Maison Folie, Lille, France
2006 International Symposium of Electronic Art/01SJ -San Jose, USA
2005 Data Agency - HTTP Gallery, London UK
2005 VAD - Girona, Spain
MDDF - Grimaldi Forum, Monaco
2001 Encontros Acarte - Centre de Arte Moderne, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal
Open - Roundhouse, London UK
1999 Icelandic Cultural Committee - Fulham Palace, London, UK

Online projects & Festivals
2009 Kedja/CODA, Olso, Norway
2007 Virtual Creatures - Folly
2007 Games:AV - London Games Festival, 333 Hoxton, London
2006 Artful Gaming - Science Museum, London, UK
2005 EAST - Norwich Art Gallery / Web3D Art SIGGRAPH / Transigence / SoundToys
2004 New Forms Festival - Vancouver, Canada
2004 GameTime - ACMI, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia
2003 Club Transmediale - Berlin, Germany
2003 Computer Space - Bulgaria /E-phos Athens, Greece
2002 Thessaloniki International Film Festival - Athens, Greece
2000 3Ascii Ladies - Institute of Contemporary Art, London UK
1998 Transmediale - Berlin, Germany

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