Curated by Andréa Stanislav, Isha Bøhling, Patricia Healy McMeans
Latitude is a traveling group show of emerging artists drawn equally from London, Minneapolis, and New York, and will evolve
as it travels to exhibitions in each city.

Latitude at Fieldgate Gallery, London, is the second stage of this migration. It premiered as 8x8x8 at the Soap Factory in
Minneapolis, in May 2006 and concludes in New York in 2007.

With the ubiquity of technology expanding we have instantaneous access to vast quantities of information and viewpoints;
geographical distance need no longer separate us and increasingly, local information is becoming a trans-national commodity.
Are artists embracing this interconnectedness, or are they reacting to, for, or against it?

In Latitude, artists of widely differing practices and locales are brought together in an attempt to explore their fluid geographical
identities. The artists are informed by both their immediate surroundings and the knowledge that their artistic production is part
of a global dialogue. As such, common and uncommon themes are revealed as the artists’ respond to each other’s work and
the evolution of their own work over time and in each location.

With the notion of artistic “movements” changing as quickly as art magazines are published and the “-ism” relegated to the
past, the intention of this show is to reveal the disparate / resonant nature of contemporary art practice from three major cities.
It is hoped that in the very act of this artistic migration a further complication of this global cultural milieu will result.

London: Sarah Baker, Diann Bauer, Isha Bøhling, Doug Fishbone, Matt Franks, Neil Hamon, Andy Hsu, Mandy Lee Jandrell,
Sharone Lifschitz, Vicky Wright

Minneapolis: Ryan Chamberlain, Katinka Galanos, Suzy Greenberg, Abinadi Meza, Liz Miller, Kirsten Peterson, Andréa
Erik Ullanderson, Marc Willhite, Rosemary Williams

New York: Daniel Bouthot and Christopher K. Ho, Blane de St Croix, Clive Murphy, Erika Harrsch, Emily Lutzker, Diana
Nicole Tschampel, Michael Zansky

The curators: Isha Bøhling is an artist and curator living in London. Andréa Stanislav is a multimedia artist and curator based in
Minneapolis and New York City. She is also an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Minnesota/ Minneapolis. Patricia
Healy McMeans is an artist living Minnesota.
12 January - 11 February 2007