Christopher Davies' idiosyncratic work challenges conventions
of seeing. He looks out for strange, anthropological scenarios witnessed
in daily-life that stand out as extraordinary. By sharing his observations
of the world, Davies’ artworks engage with the audience by presenting
unexpected scenarios that generate dialogues to perplex the viewer.  
Recently depicted incidents include a woman carrying a dead dog
across a T- junction and a suited man riding a child’s scooter
decorated with a Halloween mask. The works are realized through small
wooden carvings, paintings and life sized equivalents of these memories.

Lives and Works in London.

1997 - 1999         Loughborough University School of Art and Design. BA Hons, Painting.
2000 - 2002         Royal College of Art- MA Painting.

Selected Exhibitions

'Lance' (solo show) Rockwell, Oct 2005.
Terrace, London, Nov 2005.
Tokyo Wondersite, Tokyo, Japan Dec 2005.
‘Lost Night' Prenelle Gallery, London, June 2005.
'‘More' Three Colts Gallery, London, May 2005.
Mostyn Open 2005, Llandudno, Wales. Opens March 18th 2005. - Under the Bridge, The Castleford Project, Castleford,
England. 17th March- 28th April, 2005.
‘Pocket-Scopic' Sartorial Contemporary Art. 101A, Kensington Church St, London, March 11th- 28th April, 2005.
'Painting Unperfect', Houldsworth Gallery, London.
'More', There Colts Gallery, London.
'Do Not Ask Me Who I Am', St. Pauls Gallery (Featuring Ian Dawson and Matt Franks)
'If You Go Down To The Woods Today'- Rockwell. Nov 2004.
London Zoo Art fair- Artist on Rockwell stand. Oct 2004.
Kabaret Prophesy (Exit Magazine Commission), Beak Street, Soho. Sept 2004.
East End Academy, (Chris Davies and Noah Sherwood)
Whitechapel Gallery, London. June-Aug 2004. - Ragged School; London Bridge, Southwark June 2004.
Bakla Shop- (Chris Davies and Noah Sherwood) Rockwell. Sept 2003.
Rockwell Gallery- opening exhibition. May 2003.
Protective Clothing Co. Knox Gallery - Oarsman Rd. May 2003.
Misc. Mobile Gallery with Art Market. Sept 2002.

Forthcoming Exhibitions

‘White-Lies' City Gallery Leicester, 2007/8


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