From 2006 - July 2008, the gallery was located at the corner of Fieldgate Street and Plumbers Row in
Whitechapel, near the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and behind the Whitechapel Mosque.  The 10,000 square foot
space formerly housed a mail distribution company and lay idle for over two years before being turned around by
artist-curator Richard Ducker and Sonya Park for use as a contemporary art gallery and project space.  

Fieldgate Gallery is a non-commercial, not-for-profit gallery and does not represent any of the artists who have
participated in shows.  The gallery was never a hire space.

Special thanks to Brandywine Properties Limited, who generously made the space available to us.  Atlantis Art
Materials was located on the first floor above our space.  The space was wheelchair accessible.

          BEFORE                                                                    AFTER
Fieldgate Gallery is the trading name of Fieldgate Gallery Limited, registered in England No. 6393666, registered office: 138 DALSTON LANE, LONDON E8 1NG.