There is an area of mediaeval thought called Teratology which concerns the
study of monsters.  The monster being seen as multiple and paradoxical:  it
is what it is not.  It sits on the edge of what can logically be known and
understood.  The monster becomes a way of exploring the systems and
processes which operate on matter and create form in the natural world,
particularly within the states of opposition and simultaneity.  These are
spaces where opposing elements can inhabit the same space, fused and yet
separate, formed and yet formless.

Academic Institutions

2004 MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London
1999 B.A. (hons), Fine Art Painting, University of Brighton
1993 Foundation in Art, Leeds College of Art & Design

Selected Exhibitions

2006         ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Fieldgate Gallery, Whitechapel, London, 7 September – 1 October
2006         New London Kicks, Soho House, New York, 10 – 11 March
2006         ‘Altered Beast’, Three Colts Gallery, London, 11 – 26 February
2005         ‘Yabadabadoo’, Cell Project Space, (Trailer Productions), London, 15 October – 13 November
2005         Zoo Art Fair 2005, Salon, London, 20 – 24 October
2005         ‘We Have Left the City Gates’, (curator JJ Charlesworth), the Nunnery, London 18 June – 16 July
2005         Relative ‘(De)fusion’, Toni Heath Gallery,  London, 8 – 30  April
2004         ‘Reoccupy’, abstract painting from 2004 MA graduates, Candid Gallery, London, 14 – 21November
2004         ‘Culture’, (Anglo-French exhibition), Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, 28 August – 9 October
2003         ‘Made in the UK’, Archgallery, London, June
2002         ‘Brighton Media Centre’, Brighton, 2 – 5 April
2001         ‘Fold’, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, 29 June - 22 July
1999         ‘Urban Romantics’, The Bargate, Southampton, 1 - 30 September

Forthcoming Exhibitions

2006 Wooster Projects, New York, 16 November


2006 Celeste Art Prize (short listed).


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