Much of Max Hymes's work suggests a use but this is ritualistic or
shamanistic rather than domestic.  A mixture of materials and painstaking
precision decoration implies an obsessive glorification of that which the object
represents or celebrates.  Familiar motifs taken from nature seek to consider
our understanding of how we represent other living things in relation to


1997-99        MA Fine Art                Slade School of Art
1994-97        BA Fine Art                Goldsmiths College

Selected Exhibitions

April, 2005        Black Bile, Three Colts Gallery, London

Oct, 2004         Revolution, Workspace, London

July, 2004         Cinderella, Workspace, London

April, 2004        Ready Steady Go, Three Colts Gallery, London

Oct, 2003         Godzilla, Trailer, London

Feb, 2003         The Rocco Pistola Collection, New Inn Gallery, London

April, 2002        Gatsby, Landsdown Club, London

Nov, 2001         Modern Love, VTO Gallery, London

June, 2001        Heart and Soul, Sandraina Rey, Los Angeles, USA

Oct, 2001          Now We Are Six, Art Cube, London

June, 2001        Modern Love, Hoppypop Museum, Dusseldorf, Germany

June, 2000        Heart and Soul, Long Lane, London

Feb, 1999          Wooden Heart, AVCO Gallery, London

Nov, 1998         High Rising, Victoria Mill, Manchester

July, 1998         New Contemporaries, , Liverpool, London, Newcastle

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