I paint and draw pictures of posters. As well as offering up a pictorial view of an urban landscape,
I present a time period and an action that is referable. The posters I paint look like the originals,
and are displayed on panels of a specific shape.

The works refer to quite formal things: colour, pattern and picture content, though they always
support a landscape tradition. They are designed to aid a transportation of the viewer from
voyeur of urban wall-spaces, to enlightened being. This is encouraged by my use of symbolism,
sometimes seen in the actual shape of the painting, and other times in the shapes cut out of the


The paintings in ‘Driven’ are memorials to people that offered inspiration, passion, ambition,
reflection and excitement. Like trail-blazing comets in the dark night, the brief illumination they
offered, were alternative views of the world, and they were cool. During their lifetimes they were
regarded as talented individuals, but after their deaths, all of which involved automobiles, the
status of each one of them became legendary.

Isadora Duncan, Albert Camus, Jackson Pollock, Bessie Smith, Eddie Cochran and Marc Bolan.
Each of them shall be remembered in the two paintings produced for this exhibition, each painting
chronicling aspects of their death and the car that delivered them.


2005-06        Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education, Art & Design
     Goldsmiths College, University of London, London
1990-93        BA Hons. Degree in Fine Art, Painting and Spanish Culture,
     Winchester School of Art, Winchester
     National Diploma, Fine Art, Chesterfield College of Technology & Art, Chesterfield

Solo Exhibitions

2002        True Love Just Goes Around & Around, Dusted, London, England

Group Exhibitions

Border Line, The Patriot Hall Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

For Sake or For Sale?, The Homestead Gallery, London, England
42, The Three Colts Gallery, London, England

East into West, The Wine Gallery, Chelsea, London, England
Chutney Preserve’s, Lambeth Country Fair, London, England
Prosperous Reapers, Alma Enterprises, London, England
East into West, Alma Enterprises, London, England

Snapper, Brixton Village, London, England
Whiskey Smith & Rex Hyman, The Deep Sea Series Part I,
Hat On Wall, London, England
Picture This, Deep Sea Series Part 4, Hat On Wall, London, England
Freehouse, curated by Oxley & Varey. The Hare, London, England

nowhere better, Oni Gallery, Boston Massachusetts, USA
Grub Street Open, Happisburgh, Norfolk, England
Lightbox 2, Guys Street, London, England

We Want Out, City Limits, Melbourne, Australia
Lightbox Project, Guys Hospital, London, England
Lilo, ASC Studios, London, England
knotproject: one, Peckham, London, England

Transformers, Hat On Bar Gallery, London, England
Apartment 55, Simla House, London, England
The Gallery Open, the gallery, London, England

New Holistic Explorers, Conductors Hallway Gallery, London, England
Letting The Days Go By, c/o MOTA @ Project Space, London, England
Blackout, Sun & Doves Gallery, London, England

Summer, Sun & Doves Gallery, London, England
Foodstuff, Virgin Exec Dep Lounge, Gatwick Airport, London, England
Lavender 30, The Lavender, London, England

Absolut Secret, Royal College of Art, London, England
Tulipamwe ’98, UNAM Art Gallery, Windhoek, Namibia, Africa
Gasworks 200, Gasworks Gallery, London, England
Hapax/K-Pax, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Arts, London, England

London Transports, Shoestring Gallery, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Gym ’97, Conductors Hallway Gallery, London, England
Six Pack, ASC Studios, London, England

SAD, Gasworks Gallery, London, England
Labour of Love, Conductors Hallway Gallery, London, England
Collectables, Conductors Hallway Gallery, London, England

London Group Bi-Annual, Concourse Gallery, Barbican Centre, London,
England. Invited by Louisa Buck
Original, Gasworks Gallery, London, England.  Curated by Sonia Boyce
Passengers, Conductors Hallway Gallery, London, England
Dad, The Winchester Gallery, Winchester, England

     Salon de Bug, The Slaughterhouse, London, England
One, ASC Studios, London, England
Dad, Gasworks Gallery, London, England
Stockport Gallery Open, Stockport, England.  Prize-winner


2004        Artist in Residence @ Dog Kennel Hill School, Camberwell, London,
     in co-ordination with P-Art
2002        Triangle Artists’ Workshop, New York City, New York, USA
1998        Tulipamwe International Artists Workshop, Namibia, Africa


BBC Radio Scotland, 24th March. Exhibition interview – BorderLine
London Art Magazine, Issue One. Artist feature, p34
nowhere better.  Exhibition catalogue by Christophe Perez
2002        Tatler, June issue, p.64, photo by Andreas Bleckmann.  Richard Strange article
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     Gasworks cat. ’93 – 96
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Spanish Embassy to Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia
Global Investigation Inc, London, England
Richard Strange, London England
Louisa Buck, London, England
ASC Studios, London, England


Talk to City University Art students on my work and practice.

Talk at Homestead Gallery, London, regarding my work in context with the commodity and the art. Guest
speakers, Danielle Arnaud of Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Arts, Prof Eric Moody, formerly of City University,
Huon Mallalieu, compiler of The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists and a contributor to the Times, and
Douglas Lewis, Vancouver based curator.
click on image for larger view