My work looks at a number of themes; my love of machines and engineering, commercial
branding and familiar logos or graphics and transferring them to different contexts, forms and

HOTBOX is a double-ended Mk 4 VW Golf. The work looks back fondly to my teenage years
and the practice of “plotting”. Driving our modified cars somewhere discrete in the Kent
countryside, listening to dub, getting high and chatting. The car promotes conviviality because
the seats now face each other.

There is a aspect of fetisism/obsessiveness in the attention to detail, the imported alloy wheels,
the workmanship and finish.

The work HELL ON WHEELS re-presents in 10mm steel round bar the American HMMWV (High
Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle).  It was used in Desert Storm, Somalia and of course
Iraq.  The work celebrates the Hummer as a design classic and also using text comments on
the American army’s attitude to war.


Mackintosh School of Architecture- Graduated 2003 B.Arch

Solo Exhibitions:

Modern Japanese Classic and other Works.
Paul Smith, 9 Albermarle Street, Mayfair
5th Feb 2007 – 17th Feb 2007
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