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“We order sensations in space through the dimension of time. Experience is a fluid state of
being where moments cannot be frozen; instead they melt into each other in a private reality of
duration." *

I work with the documentation of impermanence - using my body as a recording instrument for
the re-translation of experiential and transient data – sound/touch/movement/effort – into
drawn form. Drawing In Time III captures a performance drawing which reflects the sound of
traffic under Waterloo Bridge Road, but the qualities and capabilities of video, sound and the
specificities of projection space allow the work to be reshaped as a new event, playing with
control, choice and perception.

*  Henri Bergson, Time and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness, translated by F.L. Pogson, M.
A.  London: George Allen and Unwin

2004-2006        MA Fine Art, Central St Martins, University of the Arts, London. AHRC Supported.
1992-1995        1st class BA Hons in Fine Art, Wimbledon School of Art
1991-1992        Art Foundation, Middlesex University

Group Exhibitions

2005        Quick and Dirty, at The Bargehouse Gallery, Bankside.
2005        Discord at Temporary Contemporary.
2005        Curated FreqOUT! A wireless Art showcase, at The Institute of Contemporary Art
2003/6     Common Ground a British Council touring exhibition (Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, The United Arab
    Emirates and Syria to date and ongoing) featuring work by Amy Robins and Tanveer Ahmed as Amyandtanveer
     and six British artists.
2003        Common Ground Photographs by Amyandtanveer at the British Council UK Headquarters, Spring Gardens, London.
2000        Amyandtanveer at The Scala, London.
1999        Zero Zero Zero, at The Whitechapel Gallery, London.

2005        Lecture tour accompanying Common Ground at The Abu Dhabi Cultural Institute, United Arab Emirates, & The
    National Society for the Fine Arts, Oman, by request of the British Council.
2004        Lecture tour accompanying Common Ground at The National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta and Jogyaharta
    at the request of the British Council.

2007        Curator of Museum Of Now - a site-specific and sonic public artwork for the Harrow Road (W9/W10) in
    September 2007 by Jennie Savage as part of the continuing FreqOUT! programme.
2007        Founder of Situate, an artists collective
2007        Co-founder of Show Me Your Work a monthly artist salon with Panos Delliabros
2005        Curator of FreqOUT! – a wireless art initiative and exhibition at the ICA for Westminster City Council and
     Vital Regeneration