PSX Warriors: Gran Turismo (2001) is part of a series of portraits of  videogame players that
have been produced between 1999 and 2005. A young woman is filmed while playing a
popular racing game. Her facial expressions and shifting postures mirror the actions that unfold
in the game space. While it has often been argued that the body becomes obsolete in
confrontation with digital media, one could argue that the opposite is happening. In order to
play a game the player literally incorporates the interface into his/her spatial body scheme.
Although the race takes place in a mental realm we are witnessing how her whole body reacts
to the spatial nteraction.  The work is part of the Jim & Mary Barr Collection in New Zealand

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2006 Invited Talk: REPLAY, 15.11.06, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, Scotland.
Panel Discussion: SALON OR SEMINAR (Resonance FM) 24.10.06 at E:vent Gallery London
with JJ. Charlesworth, Marina Vishmidt, Cecilia Wee.
Invited Talk: GAME ARCHITECTURE, Raumproduktion in Computerspielen,
24.05.06, Studio Lainer, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria.
Invited Talk: REPLAY , Dimensions of Time in Contemporary Game Culture
Exhibition: Again For Tomorrow, 08.04.06, Royal College of Art, London. UK.
Invited Talk: ART VERSUS GAME, Modalities of Space, 25.01.2006,Center for Cultural Studies,
Goldsmith,Interactive Art Department, London. UK.
2005 Invited Talk: BEING PLAYED, Artist Talk
8.09.05,SENAC SP, Multimedia Department, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Invited Talk: BLASTING THE WHITECUBE, The Relationship Between Games And Art
SUBOTRON Electric Meeting, 25.06.05, Museumsquartier, Vienna
Invited Talk: TIME'S UP, Einige Bemerkungen zum Faktor Zeit in Video und Computerspielen
Basics Festival 2005, Salzburg, Austria.
2004 Invited Talk: PERVASIVE PLAY,
The Phantom of Convergence and Multiplayer Location Based Games
at: Interact 1 Seminar, LCC, University of the Arts, London, UK.
at: Level Up, Digital Games Research Conference, Utrecht, NL.
The Relationship Between Fine Art and Computer Games,
at: Pixel Raiders Conference, Sheffield University, UK.
What Do Walkthrough Texts Reveil About The
Representational Navigable Spaces In Video And Computer Games?
at: Playing with the Future Conference, University of Manchester, UK.
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