I am a British-Swiss performer. I’m working on a PhD in Performance Studies at Queen Mary
University of London. My research is about the relations that language has with the body and the way
in which Live Art tends to reveal the body’s implication in language production, especially when the
latter becomes nonsense. This research is done both in theory and through practice, which means
that my performances are linked to my exploration of the intrinsic relation between the body and
language production.


2007        SOB, Fieldgate Gallery, London (GB)
2007        I Want To Suck Your Bones, with Boris Hoogeveen, Queen Mary University, London (GB)
2006        SOB, Eau Sauvage Galerie Lucy Mackintosh, Lausanne (CH)
2005        Beet, Brown & Root, by Squirrel & Nej, Red Ink Studio, San Francisco, (USA)
2005        Beet, Brown & Root, by Squirrel & Nej, Red Ink Studio, BAC, London, (GB)
2004        The Spell of Chesnut Tree Blossom Smell, Espace Basta, Lausanne (CH)
2003        Beet, Brown & Root, by Squirrel & Nej, East End Collaborations, London, (GB)
2003        Chtonic Imprint, La Vitrine, Lausanne (CH)
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