curated by Richard Ducker

The built environment is the landscape which we all occupy, and although architecture has the illusion of permanence, our
relationship to it is fluid and often uneasy.  It can inspire awe through its spectacle, or be the backdrop to real or cinematic
narratives: crime, romance, consumerism, work, recreation. Its hinterland divides the urban from the ‘natural’, while both the
picturesque and the sublime are able to transgress this border. Its architecture inscribes different zones: public – private,
internal – external, state – corporate, each either displays their function, or conceals it through a variety of stylistic codes and

With these sites we experience complex psychological responses, sometimes extreme and often contradictory. There is an
accumulation of history, re-animated for the present, while the present lacks stability, slipping back into the historical narrative
from which it emerged. Within this, like a soap opera, lie individual stories, human exchanges. It is this space between the
human and the architectural that the artists in this exhibition explore. They reveal a social and economic disquiet, as
architecture and its contents represents our insecurities and fears, as much as our hopes and aspirations. As the human
presence here is inferred rather than portrayed, we are left with a landscape of absence and boredom, while fascination is
found in the banal and insignificant.

private view: Thursday, 16 November 2006  6-9 pm

exhibition open: 17 November - 10 December 2006

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installation images