Imp’: Replace word ‘models’ with ‘Constructions’

Fiction and metaphor, Limits of possibilities of expansion and contraction in architecture and its use.

Limits of in figure in architecture
Limits of objects in architecture

Possible spaces
Metaphoric spaces

Proposal is to build a construction

Practice involves expanding and contracting, constructing and sculpting within models and actual architecture.  
Imaginary impossibilities

Limits of metaphor, possibilities of movement

Activities of this place

Fiction of blowing the walls apart

Expansion , contraction and friction

Model constructions incorporating lift and lift shaft placed next to life size lift with opening and closing doors.

Movement, inertia

Lift potential of movement within architecture to other levels but in this instance not immediately accessible. Models
suggesting imaginary possibilities


‘Window Seat’ window work seat bed, window work seat bed placed in lift
         House clearance

Interests lie with the potential of immersion within constructed spaces and the referencing of something outside,
Traversing architectural thresholds and the possibilities of movement in and out, physically and metaphorically.
Expanding, contracting, forming, sculpting with models through architecture.
Replace word ‘models’ with ‘Constructions’                                                

1994-'96: Slade School of Art, University College London.
Master of Fine Art Sculpture.

1990-'93: Sheffield Hallam University BA (Hons) Fine Art.

1989-'90: School of Art, Design and Performance Studies
Tresham Institute of Higher Education.
Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.

March  ’07              
        Mains D’Oeuvres Paris

October ’04           
    Spitz Gallery London
       Curated by Tom Dale

October ’04           
    Pilot 1. International Art Forum London
       Nominated by Ingrid Swenson

February ’04           
    Whitechapel Project Space London

September ’02        
    ‘Face Off’
       Cinema Texas 7
        International Short Film Festival, Austin Texas.

February ’02          
    ‘Back in 10 minutes’
    10 Martello Street London.

May – June ’01
    ‘mise en scene’
    Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research.
    Curated by Sharon Kiveland

June 2000.
    'Impossible Touch'
    Birmingham Margaret Street, BIAD, UCE.
    Curated by Nayan Kulkarni

March - May '98
    'Whitechapel Open '98'
    Showing at Whitechapel Gallery and  
    The Tannery        
June '96.
       Slade Postgraduate Sculpture Show
       Slade School of Art, University College London.