For this exhibition, Richard Ducker has created an intimate dream world that exists
somewhere between frozen nostalgia and the charm of a fairy tale.  As in all good fairy tales,
there lies menace behind the magic where security is latent with the beginnings of sexual
awareness and nature is intrusive.  Using his familiar language of materials, the ensemble
gives the sense of being inside a post-nuclear paper weight, where elements defy gravity,
time is arrested, and as memory decays it begins to re-invent itself.  

Goldsmiths College, University of London, M.A. Fine Art
Reading University, B.A. Fine Art

Selected Exhibitions:

2007        Gone Tomorrow Gallery, London, 'Durty Turkey'
2007        Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, 'Enchanted'
2007        Fieldgate Gallery, London, 'Intervention'
2006-7    Studio 1.1, London, 'Santa's Grotto'
2006        Fieldgate Gallery, London, ‘Houses in Motion’
2006        Fieldgate Gallery, London, ‘Beauty and the Beast’
2006        sevenseven contemporary art, London, ‘No-Ship’
2006        Fieldgate Gallery, London, ‘Kamikaze Blossom’
2006        sevenseven contemporary art, London, ‘MCTwo’ (‘Memoire Collective II’)
2005        Flowers Central, London, ‘Small is Beautiful’
2005        The Crypt @ St. Pancras, London, ‘Memoire Collective’
2005        Cell Project Space, London, ‘Hard Labour’
2004        21 New Fetter Lane, London, ‘Sonya’s Office’
2002        The Yard Gallery, Nottingham, ‘Growth & Form’
2002        London Art Fair, London, Mark Jason Gallery
2001        The Kitchen, New York, ‘Art for Plot’
2001        TWO10 Gallery, London, Wellcome Trust
2000        Royal Academy, Edinburgh, SSA Annual Open 2000  
2000        Mappin Gallery, Sheffield, ‘New Art 2000’
1998        Cable Street Gallery, London, ‘Store’
1997        Commercial Too, London, ‘WheNever’
1996        Commercial Too, London, ‘Nicepace’
1994        Shad Thames, London, ‘Inflation Saints’
1994        IAS, London, ‘Mix Fiz Spin’
1993        ICA, London, ‘Art for Equality’
1993        Clove Gallery, London, ‘Contingent’
1992        Kettles Yard, Cambridge, ‘Face Values’
1992        Serpentine Gallery, London, Barclays Young Artist Award

Artwork in private collections in Britain, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Australia
and Singapore