‘If space has boundaries, is there another space outside those boundaries?’
- Bernard Tschumi, Architecture and Disjuction, 1994

Hedgecock’s recent works include sculptural objects centring upon the phenomena of the
everyday, the alchemy of packaging materials; polystyrene beads, cardboard, and glue.
The large-scale work ‘Saracen’ (2006) references a medieval colloquialism of the ‘sarsen’
stone. Pre-historic monoliths looming on the plains of the South-West England were
considered suspicious interlopers by the human inhabitants of the time.

These sculptures exist in a bizarre state of paradox. The nature of the everyday material
is occupied in the absurd abundance between the rationale of permanence and that of
temporality. Of neither flesh nor stone.

The physical nature of the sculptures arouses a sense of fragmentation, not dissimilar to
a diver entering a pool of water. Another world of uncharted and untold spaces.
2006-2004        MA Fine Art Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London
1998-2001        BA Hons Fine Art Sculpture,
            Wimbledon School of Art, London

Selected Exhibitions

Transiti_2, The British School at Rome, Rome
Air Guitar & 2 teaspoons, Bischoff Weiss, London
Project Space, LAF, London
Transiti_1, The British School at Rome
Transiti, Hotel Aemila, Bologna
Paradise Love Bar, Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam
Saudade, Highbury Studios, London
Re-View Terriorities Inspire Art, The Study Gallery, Dorset
Generation, Royal College of Art
Fine Art Degree Show, London
Coordinates, The Red House Museum,
& Sherborne Contemporary Arts, Dorset
Millfield Open, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset
Horse, The Study Gallery, Dorset
Prospects, Pizza Express National Drawing Competition,
Truman Brewery, London

Awards and Residencies

2006-2008 Sainsbury Scholarship in Drawing & Sculpture, The British School at Rome
2006        Man Drawing Prize, Royal College of Art, London
2004        1st 17th Annual Open, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset
2002-2003 Leighton Park School, Artist in Residence, Reading
2001        Salvagnac Residency, France