British artist Charlie Jeffery's artistic output through video, performance, sculpture and
installation is very much based in the real physical and raw world where themes of
language and word play, working with organic materials and the notion of indeterminacy
and chance, are  central along with the use and representation of the body.

He recently took part in La nuit Blanche in Paris and in November 2006 he showed several
new works in the exhibition Horizon sythemtique  organised by L’ambassade.  His practice
shifts between individual, collaborative and curatorial projects.  His current ventures are a
series of video programs called Vidéoïsme which have been shown in Paris, Medellin,
Colombia and Marseille, the most recent of which is entitled Phase de transition de phase,
in collaboration with the art critic and curator Maxime Theiffine. He is currently working on a
publication sculptural hommage to the black soul singer Barry White.  He will be in
residence in Medellin, Colombia at the end of 2007 as part of ongoing transatlantic co-
operative project  El Puente involving artists from South America and Europe, he will be
present a large scale public performance as part of his residency.
Education/ Residency

2005-2007        Residency at Mains d'Oeuvres, St-Ouen, Paris, France
2005                Residency at Artist House, Leeds, England
2001                Unidee in Residence Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy
1994-1998       First class honours degree in fine art (BA), department of Fine Art University of Reading, England
1993                A-level art & design, music, theology, Worcester sixth  form college, England


- Vidéoisme#4, Co-curator, Mains d’oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, France
- Commando, &nbsp, Paris, France
- Vidéoisme#3, Mains d’oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, France
- El Puente, Moravia, Medellin, Colombia
- Horizon Sythetique, Mains d’oeuvres, Paris, France
- Vidéoisme:#1, curator, Mains d’oeuvres, saint-Ouen, Galerie RLBQ, Marseille, France, Galería 10+36, Medellin, Colombia
- Intrusion, Galerie &nbsp, Paris, France
- Objects in waiting, The end gallery, Sheffield, England
- La Nuit Blanche, Paris, with, Paris, France
- Turning point literature with installations by Charlie Jeffery, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy
- Reprise,, Paris, France
- Il cambiamento é inevitable, coproduction Cittadellarte and the industrial union of Biella REDA factory, vallee Mosso, Italy
- 51st Venice Biennale, The Third Paradise, Michelangelo Pistoletto & Cittadellarte, Venice, Italy
- Negotiating us here and now, Leeds City art gallery, Artisthouse, Situation Leeds, England
- We’re not here to give you pleasure, curator, exhibition Gallery Art et Essai, Rennes, France
- My blood is electric, Spitz Gallery, London, England
- Third coast international audio festival, Chicago, USA
- Turning Point, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy
   - The Artist House opening show,  Leeds, England
- Michelangelo Pistoletto & Cittadellarte, Mhka, Antwerp, Belgium
- Arting Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
- Critique is not enough, Shedhalles, Zurich, Switzeland
- We’re not here to give you pleasure, Curator, Protoacademy Edinburgh, G39 Cardiff
- Circo Fragile, Pavia, Italy                    
- Arte al Centro, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy                        
- Love Video, Glaz’Art, Paris, Festival de Cannes, France, CAD Gallery, Moscow, Russia
- Unidee in progress,  Cittadellarte, Biella, Italy
- We’re not here to give you pleasure, Rraum02, Franfurt,Germany
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   - Not  at Home, Akademie solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
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- Française Singapore,  National Gallery,  Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia, The Moris Gallery, exhibit Live(liav),Tokyo,  Japan, BizArt,  Shanghai,China, Le
Crédac-centre d’art d’Ivry, France, GSIS Museo ng Sining, Manilla, The Phillipines

On going projects

Office – work – space, Au bout du plongeoir, Tizé, Brittany, France  Living library, Letteratura di Svolta, Turin, Italy
El puente Moravia project, Medellin, Colombia, Barry White Hommage, Marseille, France
Vidéoïsme, Saint-Ouen, Sarajevo, Marseille, France Nowhere is better than something, projet de commissariat, Mains d’oeuvres
The MUD Office, en Collaboration avec Dan Robinson

Catalogues and publicatons
- AIM, Arte e Creatività dentro e fuori le Fabbriche del Biellese, Fondazione Pistoletto
- Look around the festival, Picture book, situation Leeds, Catalogue Back to Back, publication by Will Kwan for Negotiating
us here now, Artist House, Leeds Situation Leeds, Art in the public Realm, Festival Catalogue,
- We're not here to give you pleasure, exhibition catalogue, Galerie Art et Essai, Rennes, Franc         - Eco Di Biella, special edition for Turning point
Liturature, Cittadellarte, Italy
2003 Michelangelo Pistoletto & Cittadellarte, Exhibition catalogue Mhka La nuova agora / Critique is not enough, Exhibition catalogue, Cittadellarte/
Shedhalle, Italy, Switzeland Blink, Exhibtion catalogue, Artsonje center, Seoul, korea
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- In the place of the object, Journal of the Centre for Freudian analysis and research, London, supported by le the London arts board keep your distance,
Exhitbition catalogue Places I seem to have built, personnal catalogue for "keep your distance"