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Chance plays a crucial part in my work, akin to scientific experimentation, a situation is
engineered in which the work is generated by factors beyond my control.  It is the wind, rippling
of water, motion of a vehicle, postmen, insects or players of a game that unwittingly determine
the outcome of the work.

Much of the work explores ways of drawing be it with ink, light or another form and
photography, film, the apparatus used in the works production and the title act as parts of a
puzzle allowing the viewer to understand the process by which the work was produced.

For Driven, Tim Knowles will present one his series of works where a drawing is produced in a
moving car, in some cases these works have been made as a car speeds around different
race tracks, whilst in others the act of delivering the work to the gallery produces the work
itself.  For these drawings, a mechanism holding a pen to paper is installed in the back of the
car, as the car accelerates the pen moves back and as it brakes it moves forward, turn left and
the pen moves right and vice versa.

Bath College of Higher Education, 1989  -  1992
Fine Art Degree - Sculpture;  BA Hons 2.1


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The Lowry, Salford
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Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston

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Work in various private collections internationally including that of Giulio di Gropello, Italy and the Franchetti Collection, Italy.