Kamikaze Blossom
Curated by Richard Ducker

“… I drew close – I whispered something and kissed her – a tear rolled down her cheek – and then I
captured forever the moment –  our mutual emotion was recorded on the silver film …”
Edward Weston’s account of his reunion with his lover Tina Modotti

Blossom, like a supernova, achieves a momentary perfection, before falling and dying.  The Japanese
Kamikaze pilots of the last World War before embarking on suicide missions painted cherry blossom
on the side of their planes as a symbol of the ephemerality and beauty of nature. Through this
metaphor, the fragility of a life short-lived, and the attempt to capture its trace is made visible. These
artists are concerned with attempting to arrest something from these fleeting moments. This process
evokes experiences lost: a living breathing body, objects heavy with nostalgia and longing, a yearning
for love and touch, a sense of place, and the joy of materials.

“When art, becomes independent,  depicts its world in dazzling colours, a moment of life has grown old
and it cannot be rejuvenated with dazzling colours. It can only be evoked as a memory.”  
Guy Debord  Society of the Spectacle

The work in this exhibition engages with the curiosity of human desires and fears, yet each artist
denotes human presence by its absence or fragment.  Through a certain emptiness in these works,
emotion is sublimated: the animal as metaphor, the voyeurism of the photograph, the monumental of
the everyday object, and the intervention of found materials.   Though a strong humanity exists, these
artists also explore its death within the spectacle of the artworks.

This is the first exhibition at a new space of 10,000 square feet under the
Atlantis art shop and 10 minutes walk from the Whitechapel Art Gallery.
The nearest tube stations are Aldgate East and Whitechapel.

Exhibition runs: 12 May - 4 June 2006
Opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-6 pm

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