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The Un-Karaoke Project is a series of performances in which I become
an iconic musical figure from each city where I am performing. I
organize a band, and play one song. In each case, myself and the
other bad members wear headphones with the original song playing
while we perform. No performer is permitted to play an instrument they
were trained to play. What is produced is a pure emotional
interpretation of the song. The audience witnesses the resonance of
the desire to become the rock star, without the virtuosity of being the
rock star.

Reality, more often than not, fails to live up to imagination. How do I
illuminate the space between what we want to be, or who we think we
could be, and what we are? Expectations and results, fantasy and
actual life are at the core of my work. Having experience in dance and
performance, in addition to my fine arts background, I explore this
question in terms of presentation, rather than represented, pictorial

The Stalker, part 1, curated by Yaron David, Performance Art Platform, Tel Aviv, Israel
Memoryscapes, SoundLAB Edition IV, Köln, Germany
The Golden Egg, curated by Sheilah Wilson, The Philspace, Santa Fe, NM
8x8x8, sponsored by The Soap Factory, Minneapolis,
Latitude, Fieldgate Gallery, London
Emily Lutzker, Ingalls Gallery, Miami, FL
Curiosity? organized by ArtSaid, The Ashok Hotel, Delhi, India
312 OnScreen part of the SWGC Art Gallery’s Contemporary Film & Video Festival, Memorial University’s
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Corner Brook, NL, Canada
Codepentent, organized by Diana Shpungin & Blane De St Croix, presented by The University Galleries at Florida Atlantic University,
for Art Basel Miami Beach, The Living Room, Miami, FL
Pool Art Fair, presented by Frere Independent, NY, NY
The Girls' Show, curated by Tara Moeschl, Kings County, Brooklyn, NY
Sleep Spaces, curated by Eunhee Yang, d.u.m.b.o. Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY
Sensitive Material, curated by Jean-Michel Arnoult, New York Academy of Sciences, NY, NY
Be Nice to the Bunny, curated by Amy Davila, Installation & Performance, Pool Art Fair, NY, NY
Presence, a nightly performance series curated by Michael Mahalchick, Canada Gallery, NY, NY
The Outlaw Series 2003, curated by Lisa Kirk, NY, NY
Nick Gaffney, Emily Lutzker and Lisa Martin at ROMEarts, Brooklyn, NY
Ta-Da, The Annex, curated by Amy Davila, NY, NY
Elizabeth Kley’s Push Pin Party, NY, NY
2002 and before
Ignite, sponsored by GenArt, Curated by Sebastien Agneessens, The Puck Building, NY, 2002
The Cat's Away, Sara Meltzer Gallery, NYC, NY, 2001
Group Exhibition RAW Fine Arts, New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1994
Garden curated by Jennifer Sirey 93 Gallery, NY, NY, 1993
Women of the 90’s curated by Jeanne Siegel Visual Arts Gallery, NY, NY, 1991


Adjunct Faculty, Beit Berl College, Beit Berl, Israel, Fall 2006
Artist In Residence, European Graduate School, June Session 2006
Member of the Doctoral Committees for dissertations submitted to the European Graduate School for candidates: Jerry Holsopple,
Elena Jacqueline Guzda, Marji Vecchio, John Toth. 2004, 2005
Guest Lecturer, Fine Arts Department, Florida Atlantic University, 2005
Residency, St.John's Pottery, Collegeville, Minnesota, Sponsored by the Jerome Foundation.
Adjunct Faculty New School University, Undergraduate Dept. of Communication, Spring 1999, MA in Media Studies Program Spring


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PhD Philosophy, 2002 European Graduate School, Switzerland
Master of Arts in Media Studies, 1997 New School for Social Research, NY, NY
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, 1991 School of Visual Arts, NY, NY
photo credit: Erika Harrsch