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Erik Ullanderson focuses on the complexities, difficulties and confusions of
personal communication, while systematically considering distributed
intelligence and probabilistic "ifs”.  Concerns over getting through the day,
coping with powers that secretly control the laws of the universe, and
getting some action, have recently been surfacing in his work.  This
conceptual point of departure combined with a modicum of personal
iconography becomes Ullanderson’s attempt at communication.  While
examining this interconnectedness of objects and situations, Ullanderson
elaborates on the humorous or awkward misunderstandings that may occur
in these contexts though his art.  Using materials that can be found in the
“weekend art drawer” in combination with the traditional, Ullanderson
creates work that shows the reality which exists just under the surface
everyday life.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
1990-1994, BFA


2005        ‘Renvois, More Contradictions Than Distinctions or I Spent My Time in Stinkpitas, Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN
2000        ‘The Symplegmata of Erik U or Phlegth, Plegm, Pumphf’, Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN

Selected Group (2000 to present)

2006        ‘8x8x8’, Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN

2006        ‘Hairanoia’, Peanut Gallery, Easthampton, MA

2006        ‘Friends and Strangers, Peanut Gallery, Easthampton, MA

2005        ‘Nothing Else Should Matter’, Junc, Los Angeles, CA
2005        ‘Drawing: Seven Curatorial Responses’, Katherine Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2004        ‘Move’, Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN
2000        ‘Big Bang’, Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN