Caroline List’s paintings are predominately landscapes, which explore the
physicality of painting in relation to memory, artifice and the photographic trace.  
They are neither grounded in reality or fiction, but are fragmented somewhere
between the two. Whilst the fused nature of the images gives them a sense of the
authenticity of a memory of a place in time, the artifice of the hand-painted, coupled
with the trace of the photographic, positions the work between fact and fiction.  The
painterly surface and heightened colour explore the visual pleasure of the
picturesque and beauty in nature whilst the imprint of the black light sensitive paint
signify the dark unknown mysteries within landscape, creating an uncanny mist,
that hark back to places of memory and time.  Our experience of landscape is often
formed through the collective memory of others, captured in photographic
reproductions and other visual sources. The paintings are always set within perfect
landscapes, un-peopled, and like ‘Capability Brown’s’ gardens of the 18th century
perfectly composed for our viewpoint seamlessly disguising the influences of man
within the landscape. This part real, part imagined quality creates journeys into the
sublime, a desire for a sense of place which hover between fact and fiction.

1987- 88   Chelsea School of Art and Design, M.A Painting  
1983- 86    Portsmouth Polytechnic BA Fine Art awarded (1st class)
1981- 83    West Notts college of Art diploma in Art & Design


2004            Momento   solo painting show Gibsone Jessop gallery, Toronto
2002            Ditto Ditto  solo painting show,Catto contemporary, London
1997            The Promise of  Wholeness and Loveliness'     Baraka post production
1996 -7        The Power of Taste  solo  touring exhibition Royal Over Seas League  London/ Edinburgh  


2006        Half Life, Fieldgate Gallery, London
2006        Between Worlds, Sartorial Contemporary, London
2006        Chimera, group show,  space 148b Clerkenwell London
2006        Englands Dreaming, British Landscape exhibition, 7 Bedford Row, London
2006        Broken Romanticism, Standpoint Gallery, curated by Stephen Walter, London
2006        London Art Fair, Islington, London, Mark Jason Fine Art
2005        Night On Earth, group exhibition curated by Harry Pye, London
2005        Curent Vision, curated by Greta Marchant Sartorial contemporary gallery, London
2005        London art fair Chelsea London, Mark Jason Fine Art
2004        The Horizon of Expectation, curated by Caroline List group show at the Empire Gallery, London  
2004        Mother's, group exhibition curated by Harry Pye. A hundred artist paint their mother
2003        Smog, group show, curated by Pam Skelton, London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
2003        contemporary art fair Toronto
2003        contemporary art fair, London Catto Contemporary gallery
2002        contemporary art fair, London, Catto Contemporary gallery
1998         Ornament, Upstairs At The Clerks House, curated by Katrina Blanin, Shoreditch, London
1998         Artist Network, Group Show, Cavendish Square, London
1997         Dinosaurs Blood ' The Body of Painting,  Art in Perpetuity Trust, curated by Calli Saunders, London
1997         New Images,  rising British painters 'La Capitol La Defence Paris
1997         20/ 20, Kings gate Gallery, West Hampstead, London
1995         Royal Over Seas League Annual Open painting competition, (First prize winner ) Piccadilly, Londo
1994         The painting Show Ernst & Young,London        
1993         Henderson, group show, corporate exhibition, London
1992         Spatial Elements, Hornimann Museum, Dulwich, London
1992         Academicians choice, The Mall Galleries, London
1991         Contemporary Young Painters, Christies, London
1991         Group painting exhibition, Nigel Greenwood gallery, Piccadilly, London
1991         Small is beautiful, Flowers East, London
1990         Contemporary Art society, group show, Smiths gallery, London
1990         Two Years On, Morley Gallery, London
1990         New Generation, Bonhams, London
1989         Images of Paradise Survival International, Harewood House, Leeds
1989         Contemporary Art Auction Christies, London
1988         Contemporary Art Society, group show, Covent Garden, London
1988         The future famous, The Century Gallery, Fulham,London


2007                Englands Dreaming,Chelsea Gallery, Palo Alto, California
2007                Artificial glory, curated by Caroline List & Isabel Young


1995                Royal Over Seas League awarded 1st prize in painting the annual
International Common Wealth painting competition
1987                Herbert Read scholarship
1986                East Midlands Arts, Starter Grant, for emerging artist


2005                Cazenove / JP Morgan Investment bank London
2004                Neuberger & Bermann  collection,  New York
2004                Lehmann Brothers Investment bank private, London
1998- 2003     Roger Evans, private collection, London
1997                Le Capitol la Defence private collection, Paris
1996                The Hilton Headquarters private collection, London
1990                Contemporary Arts Society, public collection, London
1990                Arthur Anderson, private collection, London
1989                Lord & Lady Millbank, public collection, London


1988                Chelsea MA, Time Out, Sarah Kent
1990                New Generation catalogue Bonhams
1997                Dinosaurs Blood 'The Body of Painting, catalogue  Art in Perpetuity Trust, London
2002                Ditto Ditto Solo Show catalogue
Forword written by Richard Dyer "Sublime, Subliminal, Dicing With Doubles"
2003                Smog Exhibition, The Specator magazine
2004                l' Espresso Magazine Italy, article, Contemporary Artist In the East End London
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