Gavin Nolan's disparate elements within his paintings combine resolutely to
form freakish portraits. The various characters develop personalities and traits.
Seemingly demanding of their creator ("make me look beautiful") to the point that
Nolan’s seems bizarrely to have gone easy on his nightmarish subjects. As in so
many portraits of course, true personality cannot help but caustically seep through.
His dialogue is appropriately diverse. The delicate brushwork is at odds with brutally
applied splashes, swathes and scumbles.  Despite this contradictory language, the
rigorous glazing and twisted compositional tricks combine to harmonious effect. The
paintings are discordant, disquieting and beautiful.
Lives and Works in London.

1996 - 1999 Loughborugh University 1996 - 1999 Loughborugh University

1999 - 2002 Royal Academy of Art, London . MA Painting


People Like Us, Sartorial Contemporary Art at nomoregrey, East London, March/April 2006

The Deviants Part II, James Jessop & Gavin Nolan, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London, December/January 2006

Mai Jabi!!! Fucking Brilliant!!! Tokyo Wondersite, Japan, December 2005

NLK. Wooster Projects, New York, October 2005

The Sun Also Rises. Solo show, Rockwell Gallery, London May 2005

The Deviants. James Jessop & Gavin Nolan, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London, September/October 2005

Green Door. Sartorial Contemporary Art, London, February / March 2005

First Assembly. The Ragged School, London, 2004

Born Cry Eat Shit Fuck Die. Rockwell Gallery, 2004

Horizon of Expectation. Empire Gallery, London, 2004

Moral Combat. St Leonard 's Church, Shoreditch, London , 2003

Rockwell. Rockwell, London, 2003

The Protective Clothing Company. Knox Gallery, London, 2003

Full House. FNR Projects, London, 2002


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