Claire Robins explores the vulnerability of the physical and the ephemeral nature of human
experience. In Beyond Repair? two young trees, despite their protective staking,  have been brought
down by wanton human destruction, and like so many deleterious acts, where the relationship
between the perpetrator of violence and  victim appears arbitrary or tangential, the destruction
defies understanding and precipitates a symbolic site.  Monument is empty sky-rocket husk, made
permanent by casting into bronze.  It is a perverse little object, transmuted cardboard and stick,
hopelessly failing to immortalise the fleeting sparks of its former existence.

University of London, IoE: MA
Central St Martins School of Art: BA
University of Brighton: Foundation

Claire Robins studied fine art and specialised in sculpture / installation. Since 1994 she has been
involved in collaborative projects with other artists, arts groups and communities.  She is actively
involved with education, in its broadest sense and has taught for seven years at Camberwell  College of Arts. She now lectures at the Institute of
Education, London University, teaching across  a range of post graduate courses in the department of Art Design and Museology. Her recent  research is
concerned with the role of artists and art works in sites for learning.

Selected Exhibitions / Projects / Research

2006    Kamikaze Blossom, Fieldgate Gallery, London, E1

2005     An Elite Experience for Everyone
Intervention at the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow, London
Performance / video and artefacts, shown as part of the exhibition ‘News From Nowhere, Visions of Utopia.’  Participants included: Tony Ben, Anderson
Inge, Lola Perin and Terry Smith.

2003      Started a PhD on Institutional Critique / Artists’ Interventions in Galleries and Museums.

1999      ReForm: collaborative project, web site and catalogue involving eight recent graduates from London art colleges and eight more established
artists.  Curated by Moving Houses (Claire Robins and Roz Mortimer, Rachel Matthews).  Supported by Arts Council England National Lottery fund

1998      ROOT, Chisenhale Gallery, London E3.  Conversations and transformations, a group exhibition /event with musicians and artists reconfiguring
sample material initiated by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore. Participating artists included: Angela Bulloch, Bruce Gilbert, Tim Head, Tina Keane, Gavin
Turk, and Rebecca Warren.

1998     Home Ideals, Moving Houses in Collaboration with Fashion Architecture and Taste (FAT). Street Signs and ‘For Sale’ boards with local residents
in North London.  Supported by the Arts Council England New Collaborations fund.

1997     Horse Play  Installation with sound for Whenever  Site Specific works in Greatorex St. Synagogue, London E1. Participating artists included:
Keith Ball, Stuart Brisley, Richard Ducker, Martin Fletcher, Tina Keane, and Terry Smith.

1996      Undressing Tables, exhibited as part of the Whitechapel Open, Delfina Gallery London SE1

1996     Naked walls, site specific sound and light installation in a disused canning factory in Folgate Street, London E1 with Keith Ball, Richard Ducker
and Marigold Hodgkinson

1995     Sweetmeats Solo Exhibition, Commercial Gallery, Commercial St London E1

1995     Outpost, Venice Bienale (Moving Houses  in collaboration with FAT)

1994     Eurowashout,  (Moving houses) Video Installation commissioned by the Fawcett society to encourage women to exercise their right to vote –
made with pupils from George Green School on the Isle of Dogs E14.  Toured Nationally as part of the Fawcett Society campaign & was featured in Radio
4’s  The Archers

1994     Life Cycles (Moving Houses) Video / Installation / drop in facility for tea and cakes.
Chiltern St, LondonW1  

1994     Formed the arts group Moving Houses, to promote collaborative practices, with
Roz Mortimer and Rachel Matthews.

Press Coverage / Publications Catalogues

News from Nowhere visions of utopia catalogue /publication September 2005
ReForm Catalogue published by Moving Houses December 1999 – ISBN 095376701
Loop Magazine no 2: Ed Thompson R. London & New York, Imbroglio Press, Vyner St. Six page feature on Claire Robins’ recent work
Root Catalogue, CD Limited Edition 12” Box Set
Time Out feature ‘Women Artists’ by Sarah Kent 6.11.96
Time Out review of Whitechapel Open, 14.08.96
The Gaudian, review of Whitechapel Open, Carl freedman 30.07.96
Time Out review of Naked Walls, Mark Currah
Time out review + Critics Choice of Sweetmeats, Solo Exhibition @ Commercial Gallery , Mark Currah
Everything Magazine  review of Solo Exhibition @Commercial Gallery, Joanna Melvin
Royal Academy Magazine  review of Solo Exhibition @ Commercial Gallery Andrew Lambirth
What’s On Magazine review Solo Exhibition @Commercial Gallery Andrew Lambirth
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