Adrian Di Duca creates work that grapples with notions of the uncanny within the
framework of objects that are mass-produced – whether that be gigantic battery hens, or
carefully crafted replicas of cheap throw away toys. The overwhelming scale and
physicality often giving these objects a dominating and enigmatically sexualised presence.

In recent work Di Duca has given reign to the inherent theatricality of the work and, often
incorporating sound produces work as readily at home in the side-show as the gallery.
Humour and pathos sit with abjection and menace.


2003/2005 Masters Degree in Fine Art, Goldsmiths College London
1994/1997 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Wimbledon School of Art

Selected Exhibitions

2007         “Durty Turkey” Gone Tomorrow Gallery, London
2007         “Gastenboek” Nederlandse Muziekdagen ’07, Vredenburg, Ultrecht
2007         “A Shady Outpost” APT Gallery, London
2006         “Bunny Incinerator” Gone Tomorrow Gallery, London
2006         “Les Oiseaux qui donnent la Chair de Poule” Gone Tomorrow Gallery, London
         (Solo Show)
2006         “LDN vs NYC: Inflatable Collapsable New People” Karim Hamid, New York
2006         “George Polke Invites” De Beauvoir Cst. London
2006         “Beauty Redesigned” Fringe, Brighton
2006         “Mongrel” Gone Tomorrow Gallery, London
2005         “Grout” Empire Studios, London
2005        “Launch” Gone Tomorrow Gallery, London
2004         “Vector/Vecteur” L’Espace des Blanc Manteaux, Paris
2003         “Sex Sells” Clapham Art Gallery, London
2003         “Work Ethic” Euro Art, London
2003        International Open Image, Deluxe Gallery, London
2002         “Generator” L’Espace des Blanc Manteaux, Paris
2001         “Fancy” Colville Place Gallery, London
2001         “New Work” Art House Gallery, London (Solo Show)
2000         “Analystics” Decima Gallery, London
2000          Gallery Artists, Decima Gallery, London
courtesy Gone Tomorrow Gallery