As a child, I called aeroplanes ‘anywheres’.

Sometimes, especially on long-haul flights, you can find yourself above one type of cloud
and below another.

The first time I experienced this, I asked my father if we were in Heaven. I was five years old.

My father turned to the man sitting beside him and said “I think I have some explaining to do”.

Three days later he sat my sister and I down and delivered a lecture on quantum physics.
The first sentence of this was “Space is infinite and very, very cold”.

All ideas about Jesus and his father that I had, vanished.

This is one of my father’s biggest regrets.

The man on the aeroplane I later learned, was Robert Oppenheimer.

Born: St Asaph

Education: Chelsea School of Art BA

Royal College of Art MA

Picker Fellow (painting)

Jonathan C. M. McLeod lives and works in London and the north-west Scottish Highlands
courtesy Carter & Gallagher