The Hotel
As opposed to the studio

Could it be the studio hotel, replacing new constructions with existing ones a place to
stay sleep. Window, work, seat, bed, window, work, seat, bed, Window, work, seat, bed,
window, work, seat, bed, Window, work, seat, bed, window, work, seat, bed, Window,
work, seat, bed, window, work, seat, bed, Window, work, seat, bed, window, work, seat,
bed. Daily

After crossing the threshold of the hotel entrance, checking in taking the stairs in place
of the lift, you have the room. Not just a room a reading room, eating room, sleeping
room .
Any room for constructions?  fluids, toilet piss and shit, dirt and sink.

Making the hotel with windows extracted, open fenestration pulling the walls apart. Not
self catering, served elsewhere

The location of the hotel, somewhere full of cultural creative goings on. Not self catering
food and drink is served elsewhere

Other objects in the rooms
Looking around nothing to be desired
The bust, the heads sitting on boxes
Legs coming out of walls a plastered foot as a door stop another foot as a lamp shade,
shit and rubbish, shit is this the psychos room?

The cushions, lovely ones that make up sofas. Loving colours, patterns, smells,
perfume, feet, hair, stains from all places, all shapes and sizes.

Out of the window. Literally through the window that is no longer there, onto the street,
seat. The hotel architecture is small everywhere has to be bigger, full of things, useful,
ugly, useless, desired, left, beautiful there is no and.

Expanding and contracting, the air in a lift shaft breathing buildings. Fold down sofa
beds the exhale of cushions, the inhale of cushions, gone. No self catering today.


1994-'96: Slade School of Art, University College London.
      Master of Fine Art Sculpture.

1990-'93: Sheffield Hallam University BA (Hons) Fine Art.

1989-'90: School of Art, Design and Performance Studies
      Tresham Institute of Higher Education.
      Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.


September ’07   ‘Intervention’ Fieldgate Gallery London

August ’07         ‘The Breakfast Club’ HOV Bruton Street

May ’07               ‘Citadel 1’ Front Room Killing Room
                 David Risley Gallery London

March  ’07         ‘Videoisme’
                Mains D’Oeuvres Paris

October ’04      Spitz Gallery London
               Curated by Tom Dale

October ’04       Pilot 1. International Art Forum London
               Nominated by Ingrid Swenson

February ’04      Whitechapel Project Space London

September ’02   ‘Face Off’
               Cinema Texas 7
                International Short Film Festival, Austin Texas.

February ’02      ‘Back in 10 minutes’
               10 Martello Street London.

May – June ’01  ‘mise en scene’
               Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research.
               Curated by Sharon Kiveland

June 2000.       'Impossible Touch'
               Birmingham Margaret Street, BIAD, UCE.
               Curated by Nayan Kulkarni

March - May '98   'Whitechapel Open '98'
               Showing at Whitechapel Gallery and  
               The Tannery


Norman Laing Foundation Award, June'90.