With coloured thread, tautly pulled across the expanse of the gallery, Kate Terry creates
a subtle yet large presence: a whole form articulated through the most minimal means.
This is her challenge. In her studio she makes a model; she draws; she imagines. In the
gallery, Terry starts by hammering pins into the gallery walls. Here, her search for
perfection begins. She is adamant that the pins are absolutely evenly spaced and treated
identically. She ties a thread to each pin on one wall and stretches it towards its
designated pin on the other side.  She ties the end. The threads travel individually
across, above and beneath each other… Meticulously, delicately and with great restraint
she skillfully alters gallery spaces and the way viewers experience them. Yet the
completed work is, at first, almost invisible.  She works hard to create an installation that
reveals itself slowly – transforming imperceptibility into spectacle.

     - Georgiana Uhlyarik, ‘From the invisible to the spectacular’
        Mercer Union catalogue essay, Toronto, 2007

2000-2002        Master of Fine Arts (MFA), University of Guelph, Canada
1996-1999        BA Hons Fine Art Sculpture, Manchester Metropolitan University

Selected Exhibitions:

Solo Exhibitions
2007        Empty Voluminous, 1000000mph, London
2007        Interference, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada
2005        From Margin to Centre, A Delicate Matter Gallery, Leeds
2005        Pinpoint, text + work, The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
2004        Kits, Satchel Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2002        Diaphanous, Skol Centre des Arts Actuels, Montreal, Canada
2002        Cloud Filling, Art System, Toronto, Canada

Group Exhibitions
2008          A Life of Their Own, Lismore Castle, curated by Richard Cork, County Waterford, Ireland
2007        The Joy, with Gary Colclough, Nettie Horn, London
2006        Shibboleth, Dilston Grove, London
2006        More and Less, with Michelle Allard, Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, NS Canada
2006        Storefront, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
2005        Multiples, Lot Gallery, Bristol
2004        Sorry for the Inconvenience, Junction Arts, Toronto
2004        Self Publish or Punish, Open Space, Victoria, BC, Canada
2003        This is Paradise, Peter Richmond Gallery, Toronto

Selected Bibliography
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Awards and Grants
2000-2002        Commonwealth Scholarship
2002        Du Maurier Arts Council Grant
2002        Canadian Federation of Graduate Women Artists Award
2002        International Council for Canadian Studies Award