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private view: Friday, 21 November 2008
exhibition continues: 22 November - 21 December
Although the distance between the United Kingdom and continental Europe is less then 60 miles (+/-100 km), the
English Channel has been a geological frontier for ages.  The channel has been the key natural defence for
Britain, but has also served in more peaceful times as a link joining shared cultures and political structures.  It
separates England from northern France, it’s a productive site for maritime archaeologists and it has thousands of

A very nice way of crossing the Channel is taking the ferry.  In contrast to taking the plane or train, as a traveller
you get a totally different experience by entering your final destination in a car or van.  As we have often taken
the ferry to transport artwork between London and Breda, we know the route by heart and while resting on deck
and enjoining the view there’s this warning always that reminds us of the fact that the furniture on deck may be
affected by   


It can settle everywhere and we take it back to where we came from.  It can stain clothing and can possibly cause
illness if inhaled. Breathing common urban air pollution (containing soot) is much deadlier than previously thought.

A primary collaboration-project between Fieldgate Gallery, London and Lokaal 01_Breda.  
Co-curated by Richard Ducker and Frederik Vergearts.

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