Camberwell Space is proud to present Triumph of the Will, curated by Fieldgate Gallery

Olympia, Leni Riefenstahl’s film of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, is a masterpiece of cinematography that erotises the body beautiful and
aestheticises perfection in a visual language still employed by the advertising industry today. It uses spectacle as a triumph of the ideal over labour.
Yet the Olympics, by definition, were as much about failure as they were about success, where display conceals obsession, and where the
repetition and pain required is sublimated into mesmeric entertainment. It is through the sheer Sisyphean pointlessness of this drama that such
fallibilities become the subject of this exhibition. With comedy, pathos, and absurdity, something of the human is reinstated within the spectacle by
these art works. In this respect, titling the exhibition after Riefenstahl’s more notorious film is not completely ironic, but rather, opens up a point of
departure for small acts of resistance.

Kris Emmerson’s work is inspired by modes of simulation within the digital realm. Our perception and understanding of the world around us is being
constantly re-presented and re-defined by computer generated imagery within the TV and Motion picture industries. By releasing these 'fantasies'
from the limitations of a narrative driven context they can exist as autonomous entities, offering a momentary sense of wonder; a time and place
outside of the now. ‘Dyathinkeesaurus’, 2010, is a projection modelled from a crude 3D scan of a child’s toy the dinosaur that marches on
relentlessly. Its body is cracked and torn, the fragile crust of its hollow form at odds with the weight of its step. It takes its title from the old joke “What
do you call a dinosaur with one eye?”

curated by Fieldgate Gallery

10 October – 10 November 2012
Opening: Tuesday, 9 October, 5.30 – 8pm