2008  Paysage de l’âme  Engramme  Quebec City
2008  Tracing Love  Deve  Belgrade
2007  Secret Postcard  Royal College of Art  London
2007  Fragile Care  E:vent Gallery  London
2005  Pencil  Carter Presents  London
2005  K&K Zentrum für Kunst und Mode: 40 Exhibitions 2002-2005  
Guestroom: Army Baker's Shop Culture  Berlin
2004  Radar Project  Telecom Future Center  Venice
2004  Willkommen  The Metropole Galleries  Folkestone
2003  Radar Project  Neuen Schloss Ettersburgh Ettersburgh, Germany
2003  Strada  Kunstfest  Weimar, Germany
2003  Extra 50 Venice Biennale  Centro Civico Giudecca  Venice
2002  Networked Societies Cybersalon  Institute of Contemporary Art  London
2002  Looking for....  Open Studio Gallery  Toronto
2002  Horizons ouverts: artistes invités en residence  Engramme  Quebec City
2002  The Show  Insa Art Centre  Seoul
2001  Streaming Dreams Cybersalon  Institute of Contemporary Art  London  
Collaboration with Max Young
2001  Kunstkreditkommission selected exhibition  Kunsthaus Baselland  Basel  
Collaboration with Salome Voegelin
2001  Portobello Film Festival  London
2001  Why Wear I.T.? Cybersalon  Institute of Contemporary Art  London
2001  Insider Trading  Mandeville Hotel  London

2008  3rd Prize, Paysage de l’âme (400 prints exhibition for anniversary of Quebec City)
2008  Gildea Award  Royal Geographical Society  London
2004  Artist Residency  Radar Project  Venice
2003  Artist Residency  Radar Project  Weimar
2003  Artist Residency  Radar Project  Venice
1999  Visiting Artist Residency  Engramme  Quebec City
1999  LabCulture Artist Residency  PVA Organisation  Bridport

2007  Steve Smith’s Golgonooza blog  Fragile Care review
2006  K&K Magazine  Exhibition catalogue
2004  Radar Connecting Europe  Exhibition catalogue
2003  Art in America  Venice Biennale review  September issue
2003  la Biennale di Venezia, Dreams and Conflicts: The Dictatorship of the Viewer
Exhibition catalogue
2002  Mix Independent Art & Culture Magazine  Looking for … review  Volume 28.2
2002  Lola  Looking for … review  Issue #13
2002  Eye Magazine  Looking for … review  Volume 11, Issue 38
2002  Hinterland  Exhibition catalogue
2001  Tank Magazine  Insider Trading exhibition review  Issue 3
2001  Insider Trading  Exhibition catalogue
2000  Assembly  Exhibition catalogue
1999  DA  Zone exhibition review  June issue

Goldsmiths College (MA in Fine Art 2000); Massachusetts College of Art  
(Printmaking/Graphic Design 1994); Brown University (BA 1987)

IBM Corporation; Engramme (Quebec City); (London); Art Metropole (Toronto); Blackwood Gallery
(Toronto); Open Studio (Toronto); V.MacDonnell Fine Art (Kitchener); H.O.P.E. Centre (Boston)