Given the inescapable statement of the building’s function, Richard Ducker of Fieldgate Gallery, has curated an exhibition
around the idea of architectural and flights of fancy that respond to the strong office sensibility of the space.

The built environment is the landscape which we all occupy, and although architecture has the illusion of permanence, our
relationship to it is fluid and often uneasy.  It can inspire awe through its spectacle, or be the backdrop to real or cinematic
narratives: crime, romance, consumerism, work, recreation. With these sites we experience complex psychological
responses, sometimes extreme and often contradictory. There is an accumulation of history, re-animated for the present,
while the present lacks stability, slipping back into the historical narrative from which it emerged. Within this, like a soap
opera, lie individual stories, human exchanges.

Each of the artists in this exhibition explores in different ways the notion of our relationship to the architectural. Some make
a direct reference through their material language, while others explore the more human or domestic.  The human
presence here tends to be inferred rather than portrayed, and we are left with a landscape of absence and boredom, while
fascination is found in the banal and insignificant, and intimations of a longing for a somewhere else beyond the office desk.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Wharf Road Project brings more than 20 innovative contemporary art initiatives together for the first time in a central location, creating a
seminal showcase for the more unusual and innovative. The Wharf Road Project is not an art fair, but a large-scale exhibition featuring the best
of London’s specialist and experimental art spaces, complemented by a programme of performances, screenings, music and guided tours.  
Participants have each been allocated one of the 5-storey venue’s rooms to curate exhibitions which reflect their artistic endeavours and
curatorial ethos. This mash-up of different organisations will create an opportunity to engage with established art spaces as well as some of
the newest and most exciting art initiatives in London.

PARTICIPANTS INCLUDE: Carter Presents; David Risley; E:vent; The Hex; Parade; Seventeen; Stedefreund, Berlin; Supplement; Frog Morris
with Lee Campbell; Matt Williams; Dallas Seitz, Lisa Penny & Trevor Hall; Collecting Live Art; Everyday press; Fieldgate; Igloo; Linda Persson &
Natasha Rees; PILOT; Poignancy passing Muster; TOM ROWLAND FINE ART; Truck Art; MOT Presents: THE NEW DOME; Fergal Stapleton,
courtesy Carl Freedman; Laura White invites Alison Wilding, Bettina Buck and Phyllida Barlow; Peter Jones, courtesy of Pizza Horse and the Fat
Sisters;The David Roberts Art Foundation; Martin Creed for V22; Martin Westwood for V22

The Wenlock Building
50-60 Wharf Road
London N1 7RN
Closest tubes: Angel and Old Street
supported by V22, Workspace Group PLC and Arts Council England

private view: Friday, 3 October 2008
exhibition continues: 4 -19 October
open Wed - Sun, 12 - 7
click HERE for images